Mid-Air Collision

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General Information

Technology Documentary published by National Geographic in 2004 - English narration


Image: Mid-Air-Collision-Cover.jpg


All 71 people on board were killed on 1 July 2002 when Russian passenger airplane and DHL courier airplane crashed into each other mid-flight after receiving conflicting signals from the air traffic controller on the ground and their own anti-collision equipment.

The two aircraft were flying at flight level 360 (approximately 36,000 feet above Mean Sea Level) on a collision course. Despite being over Germany, the airspace was controlled from Zürich, Switzerland by the private Swiss airspace control company Skyguide. The air traffic controller handling the airspace, Peter Nielsen, was working two workstations at the same time and did not realise the danger facing the two aircraft until less than a minute before the accident. At that time he contacted Flight 2937, instructing the pilot to descend by a thousand feet to avoid collision with crossing traffic (Flight 611). Seconds after the Russian crew initiated the descent, however, their Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) instructed them to climb, while at about the same time the TCAS on Flight 611 instructed the pilots of that aircraft to descend. Had both aircraft followed those automated instructions, it is likely that the collision would not have occurred.


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