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[edit] General Information

History, Nature Documentary hosted by Craig Sechler, published by National Geographic broadcasted as part of N.G. series in 2016 - English narration

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Image: Access-360-World-Heritage-Series-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Access 360 World Heritage: Series 1 What does it take to safeguard the world's most famous places? How do you maintain buildings that are thousands of years old? How do you secure a historical structure that contains millions of dollars worth of artefacts? In this new series, we take you on an exclusive, all-access tour behind the scenes of select UNESCO World Heritage sites to illuminate the work that goes into running and maintaining these treasured monuments, buildings, national parks and even entire cities, ensuring that they survive in the best possible conditions for future generations to enjoy.

[edit] The Amazon

There's a special place in the heart of the Amazon rainforest with ecosystems so unique and biodiversity so rich the UN have declared it a World Heritage Site. But the threats of climate change are looming. If nobody takes action this pristine wilderness could wither in decades and the effects would be devastating, not only here but across the planet. Now a team of four courageous people have devoted their lives to the protection of this corner of rainforest. Braving an unforgiving jungle and extreme weather, they give us 360 access into the challenges, the setbacks and the successes of their everyday work.

[edit] Taj Mahal

Could the Taj Mahal, one of the World's Seven Wonders, be in imminent danger? It is one of the grandest works of architecture on the planet. But these days, it has plenty of critics. They insist that this monument to undying love is at risk of collapsing into the river that runs beside it. The conservators who know it best dispute the claims. We follow the controversy as two scientific groups examine the Taj's stability. The 360-year-old monument is under serious pressure from the effects of climate change, pollution and mass tourism. After the Mumbai attacks, security is also a serious concern. But could the Taj collapse?

[edit] Kyoto

A threat looms over Kyoto, Japan's cultural center and a city with one of the most World Heritage sites in the world. Rapid modernization has decimated its traditional cityscape and threatens age-old cultural practices. Now, a team of warriors from various walks of life battle to preserve Kyoto's essence in the face of inevitable change. Gain 360° access to the world behind the monuments, where the traditional and modern come head to head and less-than-orthodox methods are being tested in the effort to safeguard Kyoto's traditional identity.

[edit] Statue of Liberty

Once she provided hope to millions of immigrants, now the Statue of Liberty is closed to the public, on security lock-down since 9/11. A team of caretakers and construction crew has just 5 months to make this World Heritage Site safe before her doors are reopened. A gift to the United States from France and now a World Heritage Site, the Statue of Liberty is an international emblem of freedom and liberty. But over the past decade she’s been off-limits, considered unsafe in a post-9/11 world. U-S Park Service and construction crews are now laboring to re-open this iconic statue..

[edit] Kilimanjaro

A passionate team of Tanzanians brave savannah, mountain and skies in a mission to uncover the mystery behind the demise of Mount Kilimanjaro.

[edit] Cappadocia

Follow the Director of Museums of Cappadocia as he battles both man-made and natural erosion to protect the geological wonderland in Central Turkey.

[edit] Borobudur

Borobudur is the largest Buddhist monument in the world. After being abandoned for nearly 1,000 years, this ancient Indonesian structure from around the eighth century now attracts more than 2 million visitors a year. We'll meet the restoration and maintenance teams trying to repair this World Heritage site before tourism, natural elements or a nearby volcano destroy it completely.

[edit] Great Barrier Reef

A team of conservationists reveals its efforts to protect the Great Barrier Reef, as the home to one of the largest ranges of marine life on Earth faces mounting threats.

[edit] Palace of Versailles

Behind the facade of the Palace of Versailles, discover how experts and curators continue to keep the building, built for French royalty, fit for a king. Beneath the lavish embroidery, gleaming gold, and priceless works of art, the Palace Of Versailles is in a constant battle against the ravages of time to retain its brilliance for future generations.

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