Ancient Engineering: Series 2

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[edit] General Information

Technology Documentary hosted by Greg Johnson, published by ZDF in 2021 - English narration

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Image: Ancient-Engineering-Series-2-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Ancient Engineering: Series 2 The Ancients were brilliant engineers who built spectacular monuments Curiosity

[edit] Secrets Of Angkor Wat

Temples, designed to honor the Gods, have been at the heart of cities since earliest times. Often they have been the biggest and most impressive buildings of their age. But mysterious ancient temples crop up across the ancient world. Why are so many of these monuments carefully aligned with the sun?

[edit] The Power of Water

Without water, civilization is simply not possible. Romans took control of their water supplies very, very seriously. In order to keep the taps on, Roman engineers constructed vast networks of aqueducts, tunnels, sewers, and drains.

[edit] Historys Greatest Ships

As far back as the Bronze Age, humans were building ships capable of crossing oceans and trading between continents. Perhaps the greatest surviving vessel from the Ancient world, is The Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s mighty warship. It was a true engineering wonder, but one built with a fatal weakness.

[edit] Stone Age Secrets

Even before the start of recorded history, ancient engineers across the World were erecting giant monuments. What was their purpose? And how did early peoples move such massive slabs of stone across hundreds of miles – long before the wheel had been invented?

[edit] The Taj Mahal and the Golden Age of Islam

Awe-inspiring palaces are the legacy that demonstrates the brilliance of Islamic engineers, working centuries before Western Europe began its own engineering revolution. It’s a process that culminated in what is arguably the most beautiful building in the World – the Taj Mahal.

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