Apollo 11: Men on the Moon - Part 3

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[edit] General Information

History Documentary hosted by cast themselves, published by Spacecraft Films in 1969 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Apollo-11-Men-on-the-Moon-Part-3-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

'Probe and Drogue' - On the way to the moon the crew turned on the television camera to broadcast a look at the probe and drogue docking equipment. These devices must be removed to clear the tunnel between the command module and the lunar module. After removal, the transmission features a tour of Eagle. This transmission was before the lunar landing. 'Landing Site' - After entering lunar orbit, the crew gave Earth a look. Apollo 11's crew were just the third crew to have ever entered lunar orbit. This TV transmission actually occurred before arriving at the moon. Crew Demonstrations - On the way back from the moon, the crew conducted a scheduled broadcast demonstrating life aboard Columbia 'Crew Statements' - During this broadcast, the last during Apollo 11's journey, the crew made individual statements about their thoughts on the mission. 'Onboard Film' - In this 16mm data acquisition camera film, views were taken of the ascent from the surface, the approach of Eagle after lunar liftoff, views of the lunar surface from orbit, and life aboard Columbia. 'Mission Accomplished' - Columbia returned to the Earth on July 24, 1969. Includes footage from entry through the recovery of Columbia and the packing of lunar samples for shipment to the Lunar Receiving Laboratory. 'EVA Training' - From a training session during which Armstrong and Aldrin practiced their activities on the lunar surface. 'Landing Training' - Since the lunar module could not be flown in Earth's atmosphere, numerous devices and vehicles were created to train for the lunar landing. This footage demonstrates two methods - at the lunar landing research facility in Langley, VA, and a flight of the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle.

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[edit] Technical Specs

  • Total duration: ~5h
  • Total files size: 7.57 GB
  • Container: MKV
  • Width: 720 pixels
  • Height: 480 pixels
  • Display aspect ratio: 4:3
  • Overall bit rate: variable
  • Frame rate: 29.970 fps
  • Audio Codec: AC3
  • Channel(s): 2 channels
  • Sampling rate: 48.0 KHz
  • Credit goes to: anonymous
  • Encoded by: Turbojugend

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