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Technology Documentary hosted by Tony Hirst, published by Discovery Channel in 2004 - English narration

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Discovery Channel investigates six of the world's most disastrous malfunctions in 'Blueprint For Disaster'. Each episode takes viewers into the heart of the despair and destruction: from Seoul, in Korea, when all five floors of a luxury department store collapsed within a matter of seconds; the massive and seemingly unsinkable Derbyshire ship vanished without a trace; one of the world's largest construction cranes unexpectedly buckled while performing a delicate operation on a baseball stadium in Wisconsin, USA; and a small fire suddenly erupted into a chaotic firestorm in the ticket hall of London's busy King's Cross Underground station. Relive these tragic stories as they unfold from minutes prior to calamity leading up to the end of the investigation. Each compelling episode features interviews with survivors and investigators, dramatic re-enactments and archival footage to reveal the disaster's root cause and the lessons learned as a result. Produced by Temple Street Productions in Association with Discovery Networks International

[edit] The Crash at Eschede

June 1998. The new German InterCity Express is a trip from Munich to Hamburg, one of many. Today should be no different. The new train offers the ultimate luxury in high-speed travel. But a terrible accident sets off a chain of events causing the loss of 101 lives when the train derails catastrophically at the town of Eschede. But what caused such a horrible accident?

[edit] The Kings Cross Disaster

On the night of 18 November 1987, a harmless match produced a small flame on the escalator at King's Cross tube station. Suddenly, the containable flame explodes rapidly into a fireball. It charges up the escalator and kills 31 people in the ticket hall 20m away. The inferno leaves investigators stumped. When the answer is revealed, it will shock everyone, adding a new chapter to the laws of fire dynamics.

[edit] The Collapse of Big Blue

A gigantic crane (Lampson Transi-Lift 3 nicknamed Big Blue) standing 567 feet tall toppled while manoeuvring a 450-ton roof section at Miller Park Stadium in Milwaukee, killing three workers and causing damage to the stadium; the crane contractor had not calculated the effect of side winds on the load.

[edit] Kaprun Tunnel Fire

On November 11, 2000, 161 passengers and one conductor boarded the funicular train for an early morning trip to the slopes. After the passenger train ascended into the tunnel shortly after 9:00am, the electric heater in the unattended conductor's cabin at the lower end of the train caught fire, due to a design fault. Forensic engineers sift through evidence during an investigation into the cause of the tunnel fire in the Austrian ski resort of Kaprun which killed 155 people in November 2000.

[edit] The Mystery of the Derbyshire

The Derbyshire, one of the biggest ships ever built, vanished without a trace during Typhoon Orchid without sending out a mayday; it will be 20 years before the cause of the tragedy is determined beyond doubt. Forensic engineers sift through evidence in a bid to reveal how the Derbyshire sank in 1980 in the South China Sea, killing all 44 people aboard.

[edit] The Sampoong Collapse

The collapse of the Sampoong department store in Korea in 1995 : a five-year old building which crumbled to pieces as a result of structural neglect. Seoul's posh Sampoong department store collapsed in less than 30 seconds with more than 1,000 people inside; investigators discover secrets in the original blueprint that explain the collapse.

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