Clash of Warriors: Clark vs. Kesselring - Anzio

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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Harry Chase, published by History Channel in 2000 - English narration

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Image: Clash-of-Warriors-Clark-vs.-Kesselring-Anzio-Cover.jpg

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In 1943, the Allies decided to land in Italy. Two army corps, one commanded by Clark, the other by Montgomery, set foot in the Gulf of Salerno and Calabria. On site, after some success with taking Naples, the troops face a strong Nazi resistance. Field Marshal Kesselring had indeed ordered the German soldiers to hold their position. After the Allied invasion in September 1943 and Italy's surrender, General Mark Clark's U.S. Fifth Army pursued the German forces of Field Marshal Albert Kesselring into the Apennine mountains. There the Allies confronted a formidable system of mountain defenses and ferocious winter weather. A radical solution was needed to break the impasse--and in the resulting Allied gamble, the Battle of Anzio, around 100,000 men would be lost to both sides. On the morning of January 22, 1944 Allied troops landedat Anzio on Italy's west coast . Germans were taken by surprise and it seemed that American and British forces would finally break through German defenses. But the inevitable German response came soon with great force. At Anzio occurred a bloody and fierce battle where the Allies fought desperately to keep bridgehead. Anzio was a bloody arena where an ambitious U.S. General Mark W. Clark and seasoned German Field Marshal Albert Kesselring would engage in a prolonged and agonizing clash of warriors. Produced by Nugus/Martin Productions Ltd for The History Channel

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