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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Russell Boulter, published by MSP in 2008 - English narration

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Image: Deep-Wreck-Mysteries-Series-2-Cover.jpg

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Britain and Ireland, island nations, have the richest of maritime histories, but much of their underwater heritage has been beyond the reach of investigation. Thousands of vessels lie wrecked off the shores, many sank in time of World Wars and are yet to be discovered. Deep below the surface of the sea they remain silent witnesses to conflict and carnage. Among those hidden victims are some of the largest and most impressive ships ever to plummet to the bottom – giant battleships, massive cargo carriers, and towering ocean liners. Our island nation has more maritime history buried beneath its waves than anywhere else on earth. Britain's deep-sea wrecks are the gold-dust of underwater exploration - and just as elusive: too hard to find, too deep to reach, too dark to film. And because of this its most intriguing wrecks have remained in an eerie, twilit world, silent witnesses to the conflict and carnage of their sinking. The ghost ships of the deep, holding the secrets of the dead. Now, advances in dive technology bring these deep sea wrecks to the screen, revealing a world of secret weapons, negligence and atrocity. This series finally sheds light into these murky depths through some of the best deep-sea cameramen in the world. Delving into the waters off the southwest coast of England, they apply their unparalled technical experience to an exciting new challenge: filming recently discovered wrecks, both fabled and forgotten. Come explore the hidden world of these deep wreck mysteries. Mallinson Sadler Productions,Deep Sea Productions and Northern Sky Entertainment Production for ITV,Canwest Broadcasting,National Geographic Channel,History and Nordic United

[edit] The Stealth Sub

In August 1944, during the 2nd World War, four Allied ships are mysteriously destroyed without warning off the coast of Southern England. Sixty years later, in the English Channel, 20 kilometres south west of the Isle of Wight, 55 metres down, the sea reveals a 2nd World War German submarine unlike any found before. Using revolutionary investigative techniques, a team of underwater detectives discover a story of invention and heroism, and a secret stealth technology. Identified as U-480, it was the first U-boat to go into successful action with a special coating that made it invisible to sonar. Is this responsible for the submarine remaining undetected? The secret history of U-480 is followed from the revolutionary invention of the special coating all the way to her brutal demise 55 metres down – and the only survivor finally hears what happened to his ship and shipmates.

[edit] Search for the Bone Wreck

In June 1915, the SS Armenian, a large steamship managed by the White Star Line, the owners of the Titanic, heads into the Bristol Channel from the United States. She is carrying over 1400 mules destined for the Western Front. As the unarmed vessel nears the British coast, a German submarine spots the former liner and fires warning shots. To avoid capture, the Armenian makes a run for it. As the U-boat continually pounds her with shells, the captain orders the crew to abandon ship. Once the remaining crew is safely off in lifeboats, the German U-boat fires a torpedo into the stern of the steamship. It only takes minutes for the Armenian to sink to the bottom of the Atlantic with her unfortunate cargo of 1400 mules still on board. More than 90 years later, the infamous White Star Line vessel has still not been found. Many have searched the waters off the coast of Cornwall, but the Armenian has proved to be elusive. Now, a new expedition of international divers is hunting for the ship known as the Bone Wreck.

[edit] Collision Course

Eighty kilometres off the northern coast of Ireland the Queen Mary, the most famous liner in the world, carrying 10,000 American and Canadian troops to Britain, rams and sinks her escort ship, HMS Curacoa. The British cruiser Curacoa is sliced in two and takes just six minutes to sink. 338 of her crew die as the giant liner does not stop to pick up survivors. The story becomes one of the 2nd World War's best- kept secrets. Who is to blame for the sinking? For the first time an extreme dive expedition searches for evidence from the wreck itself which lies in deep Atlantic waters, 125 metres below. Royal Navy crewmen of the Curacoa who survived tell their tale. Their moving stories, together with dramatic reconstructions of the events leading up to the tragedy, paint an accurate picture of an important and largely untold wartime story. Did Curacoa steer a fatal course towards the Queen Mary or was the Queen Mary to blame? What will the dive to the wreck reveal?

[edit] The Leopoldville Disaster

As the troopship SS Leopoldville steams towards France from England on Christmas Eve, 1944 with Allied soldiers on board, a torpedo rips into her side. After a fatal delay, the ship sinks within sight of the port of Cherbourg, leaving men to jump into the bitter winter seas. Nearly 800 soldiers do not live to see Christmas Day. Two and a half hours after the torpedo hit, the Leopoldville slips beneath the waves. Now, an international team of divers brave some of the English Channel's most treacherous and dangerous waters, 56 metres down, in an attempt to reach the wreck. Can they find any evidence as to why the men were apparently abandoned and what, if anything, could have been done to save them? They aim to uncover clues to help answer the question: why did so many young men have to die?

[edit] Death of a Battleship

Off the north coast of Ireland, deep-sea divers discover the wreck of a massive battleship. She is the British superdreadnought, HMS Audacious, which sank in the early days of the First World War. The pride of the Royal Navy, Audacious was considered unsinkable. Today she lies 23 kilometres out to sea, in 64 metres of water, in perhaps the best visibility for a warship of her size anywhere in the world. The expedition's divers find evidence of a mysterious catastrophic explosion, strewing wreckage across the seabed. They reveal how one of the world's most advanced ships was brought down by a single unexpected blow, a chance event that began a new chapter in naval warfare and changed the course of history.

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