Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Masters from the Vaults

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[edit] General Information

Arts Documentary with no narration published by Intense Media in 2004 - English language

[edit] Cover

Image: Emerson-Lake-and-Palmer-Masters-from-the-Vaults-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

The first true super group of the seventies Emerson, Lake and Palmer were a world wide phenomenon and rose to prominence as one of the highest grossing acts in the history of rock. The band was assembled by bringing together three young musical geniuses in the form of keyboard wizard Keith Emerson from the Nice along with bassist/vocalist Greg Lake from King Crimson and the legendary Carl Palmer from Atomic Rooster on drums. This was an outstanding collection of musicians and the band almost instantly shot to world wide fame on the back of their spectacular first album. It is that first album which is featured here with ELP jamming and improvising around the core structure of three extended pieces. This is a young enthusiastic Emerson, Lake and Palmer captured at the very beginning of a legendary career. As these pieces were filmed at the time when the band had only just recorded their ground breaking first album ELP had not yet built a large repertoire and therefore had to use all of their huge individual creative talents to create a full show. That's what makes this film so special. Keith Emerson gives a dazzling display of extensive improvisation including all of the stage tricks, which would make ELP famous and triumphant. In this film the keyboard maestro demonstrates his full range of stunts including playing the organ upside down. Despite the showmanship the music remains rock steady as Emerson flies through a series of breathtaking improvisations based around JS Bach's "Well Tempered Klavier". You'll also find inventive percussion from Carl Palmer including a breathtaking extended solo spot which amply demonstrates why Palmer would go on to become the most famous rock drummer of all time. The film is capped by a bravura performance at the mike and both on bass and acoustic guitars by the young Greg Lake. Taken together these mind blowing individual performances add up to the magic of Emerson, Lake and Palmer and make this an essential addition to the collection of any fan of the progressive rock era. Concert performance was filmed in Zurich, Switzerland December 4, 1970 and later aired on Belgian TV "Pop Music" series. Tracks: Barbarian, Rondo/Bach Improvisations, Drum Solo, Nut Rocker, Take a Pebble, Knife Edge

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[edit] Technical Specs

Video Codec: x264 CABAC High@L4
Video Bitrate: 1 964 Kbps
Video Resolution: 708x528
Video Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Frames Per Second: 29.970 fps
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio Bitrate: 192 kb/s CBR 48000 Hz
Audio Streams: 2
Audio Languages: english
RunTime Per Part: 56 min 31 s
Number Of Parts: 1
Part Size: 872 MB
Source: DVD (Thanks to 'hombie'@alt.binaries.boneless)
Encoded by: DocFreak08

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