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[edit] General Information

Travel Documentary hosted by Michael Daingerfield, published by History Channel in 2011 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Ice-Pilots-Season-Two-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Ice Pilots: Season Two Ice Pilots is back. The hit docu-series following the adventures of renegade Buffalo Airways returns for a second season of nail-biting challenges and compelling stories, featuring the pilots and crew who put it all on the line flying vintage warplanes across the Arctic. Our favourite faces and some new rookies show up for another season of thrills, chills, laughter and their most personal stories yet.

[edit] Frozen Four

As Joe fights a Transport Canada claim against the airline, star pilot Justin is tasked with shipping an 8,000lb generator to a remote town. But a controversial decision results in the DC-4 becoming stranded and frozen solid on a High Arctic airstrip. Now Justin must find a way to thaw the plane and complete the mission – or face the wrath of an already stressed out boss.

[edit] Fire and Ice

When a deadly fire destroys a northern outpost a week before Christmas, Buffalo puts everything aside to come to the rescue. Cargo Manager Kelly receives a shocking diagnosis that renews her fight to quit smoking. And new father AJ balances a captain’s life with new responsibilities.

[edit] Under Pressure

The curse of -40 hits Buffalo pilots Devan and Scott on a food mail flight up the Mackenzie Valley when a mysterious rise in oil pressure threatens to destroy one of the C-46’s engines. Rookie pilots Andrew and Graeme face the test they’ve been working toward for years – getting “checked out” as DC-3 co-pilots. And when Jynelle gets pulled back into running Buffalo’s cargo operations during her school exams, it’s a recipe for a meltdown.

[edit] The Right Stuff

Mikey goes on a treasure hunt to Venezuela for a rare CL-215 waterbomber. Cargo Manager Kelly’s stress levels hit a new high when she returns from her Mexican vacation in even worse health than when she left. And new pilots Andrew and Graeme face the toughest test of their young careers – flying with irascible Buffalo boss Joe McBryan.

[edit] The River Lift

A vital ferry link is down, so Buffalo mounts an all-out campaign to airlift 100,000lbs of essential goods across the Mackenzie River. As Devan and Scott shuttle goods nonstop, things really pile up for Jynelle in cargo. Meanwhile, Justin helps an RCMP corporal move to a new community, and expectant parents Rod and Sasha McBryan get the first glimpse of their baby via 3D ultrasound.

[edit] Dont Muck with Chuck

Crusty mechanic Chuck leads the scramble to ready the Electra for a disaster relief mission in Haiti, but fate’s curveball sends them to the High Arctic instead. As Buffalo’s current crop of rampies struggles to get ahead, former flight attendant Audrey returns to shake up the roster.

[edit] The Finish Line

A multi-stop mission to the Far North has Devan, Scott and Adam facing a series of white-knuckle obstacles. From an oil-spewing engine on one plane to a gas-guzzling engine on another, it’s an ongoing battle to maintain fluid levels as they circuit their destinations. Add Joe’s wrath to the mix and it’s a mettle-testing journey they won’t soon forget. Meanwhile, Audrey’s northern adventure escorting a team of dog mushers to the 2010 Arctic Winter Games puts her in the driver’s seat in a way she didn’t expect.

[edit] Ski Plane

Young pilots AJ and Andrew get the chance of a lifetime to fly the magnificent DC-3 specially equipped with skis to land on frozen strips. It’s up to Chief Pilot Arnie to guide them in the lost art of taking off and landing on skis as they fly to a remote lake and land on the thinning ice. Meanwhile, tension mounts as Buffalo’s contract for the Mackenzie Valley food mail service is up for renewal, and Rod balances tricky personnel issues with preparing for the arrival of his first child.

[edit] Buffalo Scores

Buffalo scores the charter of a lifetime when they’re asked to transport the Stanley Cup on a tour of the North. Cup fever spreads quickly around Buffalo, and for Mikey, what begins as an innocent love for this hockey icon soon becomes an obsession. Meanwhile, a Transport Canada violation forces Joe to give up his licence for 10 days. He reluctantly looks for a captain to replace him on the passenger run he’s flown for almost 30 years.

[edit] Special Delivery

Chief Pilot Arnie lands the DC-3 on a homemade sand strip at a remote lodge. Electra expert Chuck goes one-on-one with a stubborn power unit, and Rod’s wife Sasha goes into labour with the newest member of the McBryan family

[edit] Yukon

When thunderstorms and a shaking engine threaten a DC-3 charter to Whitehorse, Joe pulls out all the stops to get the passengers to their destination. Patient C-46 co-pilot Scott Blue finally gets his crack at the DC-4, and the newest member of the McBryan dynasty, baby Emma Rae, and makes her first visit to the Buffalo hangar.

[edit] British Invasion

Joe and Mikey head off to Coventry, England to navigate the potential purchase of an Electra turboprop to add to Buffalo’s fleet of fire-fighting tanker planes. The father-son duo makes a great team; hard-nosed Joe deals with the business end, while Mikey bonds with the clients during a raucous visit to the local pub. Meanwhile, new dad Rod leads a mission to Manitoba and misses his newborn daughter while away on the job.

[edit] Arnie Calls It

While training waterbomber captains for the upcoming fire-fighting season, Chief Pilot Arnie makes a surprising decision. AJ becomes a DC-4 captain and ponders whether to accept a promotion. Meanwhile Joe and the whole McBryan family pile into the ol’ DC-3 and head to the Super Bowl of aviation – AirVenture Air Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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  • Video Codec: XviD ISO MPEG-4
  • Video Bitrate: 1789 kbps
  • Video Resolution: 832x480
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 1.733 (16.9)
  • Frames Per Second: 25
  • Audio Codec: 0x2000 (Dolby AC3)
  • Audio Bitrate: 48000Hz 448 kb/s tot , 6 chnls (3/2 .1)
  • Audio Streams: 2
  • Audio Languages: English
  • RunTime Per Part: 45.Mins
  • Number Of Parts: 13
  • Part Size: 701 MB
  • Encoded by Harry65
  • Source: DVD

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