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War Documentary hosted by Corey Johnson, published by History Channel in 2007 - English narration

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Lost Worlds: Volume 3 WWII LOST WORLDS journeys through time to relive some of the most crucial events in world history within the walls where they occurred. In each revealing episode, discover secrets of the past with a team of historical detectives using evidence from recent excavations, state-of-the-art scientific studies, and historical documents. History comes alive before your eyes

[edit] Secret Cities of the A Bomb

In 1939, a group of scientists--Albert Einstein among them--warned FDR of the possibility that Hitler's Germany might be close to producing an atomic bomb. Roosevelt issued an order--the U.S. had to do it first. It was the most costly and labor-intensive engineering program ever undertaken, but within three years they were well on their way to creating a hidden world of secret cities and classified nuclear facilities. Six decades later, Lost Worlds returns to the places where history was made, visiting three top-secret cities in isolated parts of Tennessee, New Mexico, and Washington State. Using classified material, eyewitness testimony, and cutting-edge graphic technology, we recreate the secret world of the Manhattan Project.

[edit] Hitlers Supercity

Hitler caused more death and destruction than anyone else in history. But he also planned to build on a massive scale and place a new Germany on a par with ancient Greece and Rome. Lost Worlds pieces together a picture of how Hitler wanted Germany to look from the ruins of what was built and from plans of his architect Albert Speer. In Nuremberg, Hitler's Supercity recreates the Zeppelin Tribune: where 60,000 people could overlook a parade ground. Discover the real purpose of the 405,000-seat stadium Speer planned to hold the Olympic Games. And computer-generated images based on Speer's plans bring to life the monuments Hitler planned for himself: the Triumphal Arch--twice the height and four times the width of Paris's Arc de Triomphe--and the People's Hall--a structure so big the Eiffel Tower could fit inside it. Monstrous, intimidating, built on slave labor--this is the Lost World we'd now inhabit if WWII had gone differently.

[edit] Churchills Secret Bunkers

During WWII, a vast complex of secret bunkers was constructed under the streets of London. It was a vital refuge from the nightly onslaught of Nazi air raids, and only recently has its full extent been revealed. The existence of Churchill's Bunker is no secret, but the fact that there was an entire subterranean city built to keep the British government running is only now being revealed. Very little of this covert network, which also sheltered American General Dwight Eisenhower, has ever been revealed to the public. Now this lost world is brought back to life--the tunnels beneath the heart of London's great buildings; the underground command center from where the Battle of Britain was coordinated; the ultra-secure chambers that could withstand the most deadly weapons in the Nazi arsenal. Beneath the streets of London, Lost worlds expose wartime secrets we were never meant to know.

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