Nazi War Machines: Secrets Uncovered

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[edit] General Information

Technology, War Documentary hosted by James Holland, published by Channel 4 in 2019 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Nazi-War-Machines-Secrets-Uncovered-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Renowned war historian James Holland conducts an in-depth investigation into Germany’s four main areas of warfare during WWII – Air, Land, Sea and Weapons. He searches the megalomaniac war machinery of the Nazis and with which technical aids they wanted to try to achieve their goals. NAZI WAR MACHINES: SECRETS UNCOVERED examines the extraordinary military machines produced in Nazi Germany, how they evolved, and why their technically brilliant designs were militarily flawed. Historian James Holland goes inside the Nazi war machine, exploring the extraordinary weapons produced under the Third Reich, in a series that includes rare archive material. James will be assisted by engineers and mechanics from across Europe who helped to restore some of the greatest fighting machines the planet has ever seen. He will explore how the Nazis progression in technology pushed the Allies to go even further. James will investigate whether these weapons really live up to the indestructible legends that Hitler's propaganda propped them up to be. We also explore how many of their machines have left a lasting legacy on modern warfare. Written and Presented by James Holland ; Tern Television Productions for Channel 4 Television

[edit] The Luftwaffe

At the outbreak of the war, the Nazis had the finest air force in the world. Just five years later it was a broken fleet. Why?
James Holland takes a seat in the cockpit of the ME 109 fighter plane. He discovers how the Junkers JU 88 was ruined by Hitler's obsession with dive bombers and decodes why internal squabbles in the German high command contributed to the downfall of the Third Reich.

[edit] The Panzers

Together with international engineers and mechanics, James Holland uncovers the truth behind Germany's feared Panzer tank divisions, from the mini Panzer II to the enormous Tiger tank. He also goes for a ride in Hitler's luxury Mercedes.
The NS regime tried to compensate for the numerical superiority of the enemy with ever larger and more complicated combat vehicles. Did this dogged focus on armor ultimately contribute to the downfall of Nazi Germany?

[edit] The U-Boats

James goes to the depths with Germany's Wolf Packs, the U-boats, the force that most threatened wartime Britain's survival - from suicidal one-man torpedoes to the ultra-modern and potentially game-changing Type XXI. He also sheds light on how Hitler's lack of understanding of naval warfare became the key to Allied victory.

[edit] The Guns

James explores just how effective German weaponry of machine guns and handguns was in battle conditions and uncovers the secret flaws the Nazis tried to hide. He discovers that some of the weapons that were praised as "technically brilliant" have massive weaknesses that the Nazis tried to hide. The German weapons technology of the time, from Luger pistols to machine guns of the type MG42 and anti-tank guns was often completely unsuitable for waging a long war of attrition.

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