Nubia: The Forgotten Kingdom

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History Documentary hosted by Keith David, published by Discovery Channel in 2003 - English narration

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Image: Nubia-The-Forgotten-Kingdom-Cover.jpg

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In the hot, desert sands of Northern Africa, a powerful kingdom thrived for thousands of years. This was Nubia, a golden kingdom nourished by the Nile. Now, after centuries of neglect, archaeologists Julie Anderson and Salah Ahmed have discovered a 2,000-year-old Nubian city in The Sudan, buried beneath mounds of red brick rubble. We join the dig as they excavate a massive temple, battling burning sun and punishing sandstorms to seek clues to the mysterious departure of the city's people. Turning detective, they soon realize that the demise of the temple was no accident; a terrible crime of arson and sacrilege was committed here. Using the tools of their trade, the archaeologists will piece together the final days of the lost city. This incredible journey takes viewers into the splendors of Africa's forgotten kingdom. From the magnificent pyramids of Meroe, to a famous one-eyed warrior Queen and her dazzling cache of golden jewels, to the mighty Nubian kings who conquered all of Egypt, it's finally time for Nubia to give up its secrets.

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