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[edit] General Information

History Documentary with no narration published by TNT in 2000 - English language

[edit] Cover

Image: Nuremberg-Complete-Miniseries-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Nuremberg. The most watched miniseries on basic cable ever! This Emmy winning Canadian/United States television docudrama examines the international tribunal that assembled in war-torn Nuremberg, Germany following World War II to try various German officers for war crimes and atrocities. The crimes were unspeakable. The trial was unprecedented. And the truth became the most shocking evidence of all in a place called NUREMBERG. Europe, 1945. The war is over, but the battle for justice is about to begin. Following World War II, the world's attention was centered on the small war torn town of Nuremberg, where twenty-one of the most ruthless members of the Nazi high command stand in a charged courtroom inside Nuremberg's Palace of Justice for their horrendous crimes against humanity under their leadership. Leading the prosecution of the US, USSR, France and Great Britain is the determined American attorney, Justice Robert Jackson (Alec Baldwin), and wartime allies once again joined forces for what was the trial of the century. Initially opposed to execution, Jackson became more accepting of the sentence as he learned of the severity of the heinous acts that occurred. The 21 Nazis, led by Hitler's second-in-command, Hermann Goring, try to take control of the courtroom. Twenty-one pleas of "Not Guilty" are entered. However, their bravado fails as the graphic films show the heinous acts that had occurred. Will the trial of these notorious men be a forum for Allied vengeance or a quest for justice? The four-hour television miniseries uses the real transcripts of the 1946 trials, where judges from the Allied powers for the first time in history tried the leaders of a defeated country for crimes against humanity. In the end, the Tribunal ruled 22 judgments: 12 times capital punishment, 3 times life imprisonment, 4 times imprisonment (10 to 20 years) and 3 times acquittal. Based on Joseph E. Persico's acclaimed book "Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial" and featuring momentous dialogue taken from case transcripts, Nuremberg is a compelling courtroom drama about the post-World War II Trial of the Century. Alec Baldwin, Jill Hennessy, Christopher Plummer, Brian Cox and Max von Sydow star in this vivid work filled with intellectual fire and righteous courage. Directed by Yves Simoneau; An Alliance Atlantis Productions and La Fete Production in Association with Leahy Ross Conners/British American Entertainment and Cypress Films for Turner Network Television (TNT)

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Video Codec: x264 CABAC High@L4
Video Bitrate: 1 865 Kbps
Video Resolution: 720x544
Display Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Frames Per Second: 25.000 fps
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio Bitrate: 224 kb/s CBR 48000 Hz
Audio Streams: 2
Audio Languages: english
RunTime Per Part: 2 h 56 min
Number Of Parts: 1
Part Size: 2.58 GB
Source: DVD (thanks to 'Moonlight'@a.b.movies)
Encoded by: DocFreak08

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