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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Joe Szymanski, published by ViaSat in 2014 - English narration

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Image: Special-Forces-Series-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Special Forces: Series 1 Trained to stand in harms way in the most difficult of conditions and cope with the harshest mental and physical challenges, Special Forces are those groups of elite warriors called upon to perform their countries' toughest and most dangerous missions. This series introduces the trials of some of Asia's toughest Special Forces teams.

[edit] Malaysia GGK

Before large forces hit the combat zone, the Malaysian Army's special forces unit Grup Gerak Khas are the first men on the ground behind enemy lines. The GGK gained fame and recognition worldwide after successfully assaulting communist rebels in the 1960s, fought deep in the Malaysian jungles. Toughened by one of the world's most difficult training regimes, GGK commandos are experts in unconventional warfare, including sabotage, counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering. But what makes them stand out is their ability to fight and survive in the world's most extreme jungles. We go deep into one of the most elite strike forces and follow their 13-week selection course from hell. To earn the coveted Green Beret, recruits must go through three months relentless physical and psychological torture that will push them to their absolute limits, and break all but the best.

[edit] Thai Marine Recon

The Thai Marine Recon are one of the world's elite special forces. Their job takes them deep behind enemy lines to clear the path before the main marine brigade hit the enemy. Stealth, strength and speed are needed to make the grade. Infiltrating the communist insurgent base in the notorious tropical jungles of southern Thailand in 1970's, the Thai Marine Recon gathered intelligence and executed successful raids. These men have to be able to operate in the harshest of conditions. Forged from the sea, they need to be as comfortable moving on land and in the air. But before Marine Recon hopefuls can join this unit, they will be toughened by the hardest 3 months of their lives. We reveal what pushes the men to go beyond their limits and what it takes to be in the Thai Marine Recon.

[edit] Philippine Force Recon

They are a swift, silent and deadly attack force on land, sea and air: the Philippine Marines Force Reconnaissance Battalion. They act as the Special Operations Arm of the Philippine Marines and are called to engage in direct actions, long-range patrols, amphibious assaults, and hostage rescue operations. This elite unit can parachute into enemy territory, infiltrate above and under water, trek and strike in dense jungle; giving the Philippine Marines the capability to operate anytime, anywhere. Born out of the Philippines' rich history of conflict, this specialized unit was established in 1995 to counter frequent anti-guerilla operations against communist rebels in the north and the Muslim extremists in the south. Being on the Force Recon Battalion means being on the firing line as combat operations continue in the country to this day. As the country's first line of defense, these men will have to be the best of the best. What does it take to be part of this elite unit? We take you behind the scenes and discover how tough you need to be to earn this badge of honor.

[edit] Sri Lanka LRP

Sri Lanka went through a two-decade long civil war that saw the country plunged into chaos. In 1996, a new Special Forces unit was formed to try and bring the conflict to an end. This top-secret group went on to play a huge role, operating deep behind enemy lines, gathering intelligence and eliminating key targets. Until now, no one has ever filmed this elite unit, and until the end of the war, the government kept their very existence under wraps. History Channel gets exclusive access behind the scenes and uncovers the training of Sri Lanka's Long Range Patrol unit of the Special Forces Brigade. Selected from the very elite of the Special Forces unit, they embark on a grueling 6-month training program. It all starts with three weeks of relentless physical and psychological torture that will push them to their absolute limits and break all but the best.

[edit] Philippine Scout Rangers

A quick, light reaction force, the Philippines' Scout Rangers are jungle fighters who specialise in anti-guerilla warfare, penetrating deep into enemy territory, anytime, anywhere. This notoriously private unit has given the History Channel the first-ever in-depth access into their gruelling 6-month training regime. But training is so difficult that only half of those who start the course will graduate to become an elite fighter for the First Scout Ranger Regiment. Recruits endure continuous psychological and physical tests of will over the course of three main phases - the individual phase, the team phase, and finally, the test mission phase - where they will battle real insurgents in a live conflict zone. Some will pay the ultimate sacrifice in the fight for peace - and in their quest to become Scout Rangers.

[edit] Taiwan Amphibious Recon Group

The Amphibious Reconnaissance Group, knick-named the 'Frogmen', are the elite of Taiwan's Marine corp. Trained to operate behind enemy lines on land, air and sea. This unit was born out of the Chinese Civil war. They are trained to protect coastlines and clear the way for amphibious assaults. To become part of this elite unit, students have to undergo a gruelling ten weeks training. We follow new recruits in the 139th batch of frogmen as they enter the final and hardest part of training: 'hell week', 6 days of non-stop continuous brutal exercises where only toughest will survive.

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