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[edit] General Information

Travel Documentary hosted by Ishai Golan, published by Voyage in 2011 - English narration

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Image: Street-Food-Around-the-World-Series-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Oozing hunger! Get ready to flee in the blizzard of food, food and food. To mouthful, the series invites you into the kitchens of streets, markets and alleyways. Get ready for globetrotting following Street Food Around The World with actor Ishai Golan, a world traveler and food lover who takes viewers on a culinary journey around the globe to discover authentic street food. Ishai explores the alleyways, boulevards and streets peeking into pots and pans of the most popular, extraordinary and tastiest dishes the local cuisines have to offer. From eye to hand to mouth we invite you into the world's kitchens of the streets, markets and alleyways hiding the best street food. Join us on a journey following street food around the world. Local chefs and clued-in residents come along for the ride, helping Ishai lift the lid on their city's best-kept cooking secrets. From the sweet churros of Mexico City to the buttery croissants of Paris, from the battered samosas in India to the crunchy fried frog legs in Bangkok – Ishai tries it all and shares his impressions with his customary lighthearted humor. It's an enthralling trip for him and viewers alike, one that proves that you don't need a rooftop to have a great kitchen. The series focuses on the diverse street food cultures of various countries, highlighting the unique flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques that make each cuisine special. Golan travels to bustling street markets and food carts to meet local vendors and street chefs, who share their personal stories and secret recipes. Throughout the show, Golan provides fascinating insights into the cultural significance of street food in different regions of the world. He showcases how street food is not just about sustenance but is part of a country's identity and history. In every episode he explores the origins and recipes of the most savory and surprising local dishes around the world. Ishai travels to a different city and in the time span of 24 hours; he meets with the locals and must eat whatever they eat. The series takes the viewers on an exciting journey to discover the culinary gems of food stalls, colorful food markets and popular local restaurants, which draw hundreds of passers-by every day. In conclusion, Street Food Around the World is an exciting and informative food show that takes viewers on a culinary journey to discover the diverse street food cultures of the world. Our host, Ishai Golan, is a passionate food lover whose enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious. He exposes viewers to new foods, traditions, and cultures, and provides a fascinating insight into the people who make and sell the street food. The vibrant and colorful visuals showcase the delicious food and the amazing places where it is found. Overall, the show is a must-watch for foodies and travel enthusiasts alike. Directed by Sara Baitel ; Voyage Co-Production with Kayenta/Anna Productions

[edit] Istanbul

The lip-smacking food pilgrimage begins in Istanbul; the world's only metropolitan situated both in Europe and Asia. An integration of new and traditional Ottoman cuisines like Lahmacun, yaprak sarma and Doner kebab leaves Ishay in ecstasy.
Istanbul: The world's only metropolitan city thats situated on both Asia and Europe. Istanbul integrates old and new, tradition and progression, Eastern and Western and these integrations are all found in the Turkish kitchen! Istanbul's street food is diverse, colorful and rich. Ishai spends 24 hours tasting all that Istanbul has to offer. He meets the famous chef and historian Vedat Basaran at the Kadykoy market, tries Ottoman food and eats so much meat that would make any Turkish person proud.

[edit] Mumbai

Mumbai, the street-food paradise of India, offers Ishay with arrays of delectable cuisines like Masala Dosa,Vada Pav,Medu Vada,Masala Chai and Bademiyah's chicken tikka rolls. He meets Chef Vicky Ratnami, who accompanies him to the condiment myriad at the Crawford market. The real taste of India!
Mumbai: One of the world's biggest cities, harboring over 18.7 million people. With more than half a million street food vendors, Mumbai will leave your feet aching! During the episode, Ishai will spend 24 hours tasting the best the Indian kitchen has to offer the cuisine that specializes in spices and lentils. He will meet the chef Vicky Ratnani at the famous Crawford Market and learn how to make the world-renown Chai beverage and taste the Mumbai's best chicken Tikka!

[edit] Haifa

Haifa and Nazareth, its Ishay's motherland-Israel. An amalgamation of Jewish, Christian and Arabic goodness in Falafel, Hummus, Shkedei marak, Israeli street kitchens were Eden's jam boree feast.
Haifa: 100 Kilometers north of Tel Aviv, Haifa is the third largest city in Israel made famous by its various Jewish, Christian and Muslim neighborhoods. Throughout the episode, Ishai will understand the roots of the Israeli kitchen. He will meet with one of the region's most well-known chef, Israeli Aharoni, and learns about Arab and Jewish influences on the Israeli cuisine. During this visit, Ishai will make Burekas, Haifa's beloved on-the-go snack.

[edit] Paris

Paris, the city of light and the capital of the culinary world, offers Ishay a multitude of wonderful French delicacies like Bisque, Patisserie, Baguette. Ishai gives himself 24 hours to discover all the flavors of a country: today in France, he discovers the beautiful avenues and its famous brasseries.
Paris: City of lights! Paris is the capital of the culinary world and food is equally treated as an art form. In this city, each food has its own specializing store: boulangerie, fromagerie and charcuterie. Ishai has 24 hours to dive into the wonderful French cuisine, where he will learn how to make the baguette, smell so many cheeses his senses will go into overload and meet with the famous food critic, Gilles Pudlowski.

[edit] Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the world's hottest cities. The weather must translate into the food, as the cuisine here is tremendously spicy! Ishai Golan takes us on a street-food tour of the world: snacks, guinguettes, local market, unusual little cafes, donut stands, falafels, burgers, fried noodles or salads to take away... This week, Ishai arrives in Bangkok. Adrenalized, he feels the Bangkok heat and its tremendously spicy cuisines-the kaeng som, kai yang and Karipap.
In oppressive heat, our great gourmand tastes spicy Thai cuisine and its little particularities: ice cream sandwich, grilled grasshoppers, and attempts to eat as many spicy foods as possible in 24 hours... Curious and always enthusiastic about the idea of discovering new flavors, Ishai does not back down from anything and gives us his impressions with humor!

[edit] Hanoi

Hanoi is a city of harmony and equilibrium. The character of Vietnamese cuisine is the balance between sweet and spicy, hot and cold, fresh and cooked. Between tradition and modernity, West and East, urbanism and rurality, Hanoi is a metropolis full of contradictions. Like its culture, the capital of Vietnam offers a varied and surprising cuisine. Ishai has twenty-four hours to discover the particularities of Vietnamese Street Food: a sweet-salty mix, a marriage of spices, a skilful use of hot and cold... Our great gourmand will have the chance to meet the famous chef Bien Duc Nguyen, taste Pho, visit the Chau Long Market and try the fascinating snake liquor.

[edit] Marrakech

Marrakech has been an important destination for the spice trade. The Moroccan cuisine is packed with spices and flavors! The city between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara is a haven for delicious and healthy food, a real oasis in the middle of the desert. A crossroads between the East and the West, the red city stands out in particular as an essential place for the spice trade.
What is Moroccan cuisine like? Ishay will of course taste the famous tajine, a traditional Moroccan dish par excellence, which alone evokes the magical flavors of the Maghreb. He finds the best treats again and visits Marrakech market, one of the the most spectacular in the world, incredible fusion of colors, noises, lights and beautiful people. There Ishan finds a market stand of nuts, seeds and cookies and tries out a delicatessen made with anise. Ishai also learns to cook Moroccan cupcakes and use the medicinal properties of spices.

[edit] Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the cheese hub, relishes our host with bizarre street foods. Ishay is captivated to have Zeeuwse bolus, Hachee, frikandel. Ishaï has twenty-four hours to discover Dutch Street Food: herring sandwich, Dutch waffles and fries are on the menu.
Amsterdam, the city for the young and the epitome of liberalism. Here, there are tasty surprises around every corner! It's convenient to get around here by bicycle, but you have to wait in line for the best French fries in the world. Ishai finds out if it's worth it. And what about a "sandwich" made of herring, does he like it? Ishai also tries Dutch sweet treat, stroopwafel, visits the flower market and tries to understand why Dutch fries are the best in the world.

[edit] Naples

Our host Ishai Golan takes us on a street food tour of the world: snacks, guinguettes, local markets, unusual little cafes, donut stands, falafels, burgers, fried noodles or salads to take away... This week, Ishai arrives in Naples, in the South of Italy. Is the ash of Vesuvius the secret to the taste of Neapolitan ingredients, Ishai ponders at the birthplace of pizza Margarita. How to make three star pasta? Does he also enjoy Italian ice cream?
Our gourmand discovers that the city owes the quality and the freshness of its products to the volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius. The volcanic soils, rich in minerals, are extremely fertile and allow the rapid growth of fruits and vegetables in the region. But Naples market does not offer only colorful fruit and vegetables, also endless amount of cheese, meat and fish are on the menu.

[edit] Tbilisi

Focusing on the most widely used ingredients, Ishai has 25 hours to taste all the foods Tbilisi's streets have to offer. Capital of Georgia, Tbilisi was destroyed then rebuilt almost thirty times! However, Georgian cuisine has managed to retain its identity and maintain a strong tradition. Our friend Ishai has twenty-four hours to discover this tradition through the city's Street Food stands. Based on simple products such as nuts, herbs, cheese and meat, Georgian cuisine has everything to seduce!
Ishai learns to cook the local specialty, Chinkali and discovers an amazing sweet: churchhella. And what does caramel taste like? We visit the Desertirebis Market and discover the flavors and aromas of many traditional Georgian dishes, including Khachapuri, the traditional Georgian cheese bread and local Georgian cheese which has been listed among the top 10 cheeses on the world cheese map!

[edit] Vienna

Visiting the Christmas food markets in Vienna Ishai introduces us the Austrian cuisine, which is known for its simplicity, accuracy and quality. Classical music, great history and numerous European influences make Vienna unique. Virtuoso composers, dazzling architecture, imperial heritage, Vienna stands out as the symbol of classical Europe.
Austrian cuisine is also strongly inspired by the traditions of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Ishai has twenty-four hours to discover this cuisine and unlock the secrets of Vienna's Street Food. On Christmas Eve, he wanders through the streets of the capital, visits the Christmas markets, tastes the famous Austrian sausage and even meets Mozart!

[edit] Mexico City

Ishai brings us to the exotic food of Mexico city, which is known for its multitude of bold flavors, colorful dishes and extensive use of spices! Mexico City, the oldest capital in North America, can boast of being a street food lover's paradise. With more than five hundred thousand stalls, Mexican Street Food skilfully mixes Hispanic, indigenous and American influences.
One of Mexico City's residents' favorite hangouts is sailing on a river and tasting food from different floating food stands. It's time to enjoy pre-hispanic Pulque, "the drink of the gods" that has been around for a thousand years, and various delicious Aztec corn dishes. Ishai has twenty-four hours to discover a unique cuisine rich in flavors!

[edit] Best of Season 1

The best of delicacies. Ishai has travelled to the four corners of the earth. Now, he takes the moment to relax and relive the experiences that will stay with him forever.
From Morocco to Thailand, via Italy and Georgia, Ishai has toured the world of Street Food. He has traveled miles to the markets of the biggest cities in the world, met great chefs and tasted all kinds of dishes. Now it's time for a summary and look back on the best moments of this fabulous experience. What were the most memorable moments and the best taste experiences? Can they even be ranked?

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Audio Languages: english
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