Superthief: Inside Americas Biggest Bank Score

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Biography, Sociopolitical Documentary hosted by John Di Maggio, published by Osiris Entertainment in 2012 - English narration

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If a Bank Burglar Hall of Fame is ever built, it has to be placed in Collinwood, OH. The Cleveland neighborhood is home to some of the U.S.'s most prolific and daring bank robbers of all time—the most famous of whom is Phil Christopher, who pulled off a bank job in Laguna Niguel, California for a record-setting S30 million in 1972. SUPERTHIEF is a documentary about the men who put together one of the most enterprising and remarkable bank burglaries of all time, as well as the men tasked with bringing the crooks to justice … Superthief is a captivating firsthand look at the life of Phil Christopher, a career criminal, Cleveland native, Mafia associate, and one of the most successful bank burglars in U.S. history. In a raw and candid, sometimes humorous accounting, director Tommy Reid takes his audience inside Phil's brutal street world and prison life and exposes the details behind the planning and execution of the daring and record-setting 1972 United California Bank (UCB) burglary in in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, California. This stunningly well-conceived burglary is the biggest in U.S. history! It was an unprecedented burglary that would change the way bank security was handled in the state, and netted between an estimate of S30 million to S100 million in cash, jewels, and bonds. The crew picked the perfect bank to rob as it was used by the affluent and at the center of a wealthy community, as it was notorious for hiding money people didn't want the IRS to find. It was a crew of 7 men that pulled off this heist, which lasted 3 days. The FBI would be brought in and even they never saw anything like this. The burglars blew a hole in the roof and took everything from the safety deposit boxes in the vault. On March 27, 1972, employees of the United California Bank in Orange County came into work and found that they couldn't open the vault. When a locksmith came to cut an access hole into the roof, he found one already there. "Superthief: Inside America's Biggest Bank Score" tells the tale of the man who put it there: Cleveland master burglar Phil Christopher. Based on firsthand interviews by Rick Porrello and produced by Tommy Reid (who first brought Porrello's work to the big screen with 'Kill the Irishman'), Superthief chronicles how Christopher and his Collinswood crew executed a perfect plan and walked away with S30 million worth of cash, bonds, and jewels from the safe-deposit boxes of Orange County's wealthy—only to be undone by a common kitchen appliance. Through interviews, the film delves into Christopher's brutal street and prison life, offering a behind-the-scenes look into the world professional crime, delving into the dark and gritty 1970s Cleveland underworld and also exposes the details behind the planning and execution of the daring 1972 UCB heist. "Superthief" is based on a book by Lyndhurst Chief of Police Rick Porrello and features interviews with Porello, former Cleveland Chief of Police Rocco Pollutro, former Cuyahoga County assistant prosecutor Carmen Marino, assorted federal agents and locals. Christopher himself, who recently completed a nearly three-decade prison term, is now an iron worker in town and tells his side of the story with his wry, off-handed way of putting things. In the style of Goodfellas, Superthief is the compelling story of a master thief and mob associate's roller coaster ride through a life of crime and imprisonment, and the inside account of a daring burglary that made history. Directed & Produced by Tommy Reid ; Crooked Fence Productions, LLC in Association with Dundee Entertainment, LLC

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