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[edit] General Information

Technology, War Documentary hosted by Andrew Pifko, published by Discovery Channel in 2009 - English narration

[edit] Cover

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[edit] Information

Welcome to a world where military geeks, mechanics, and eccentric millionaires are living a dream with blowtorches, industrial lathes and hi-tech electronics, restoring four notable battle tanks from wars past. Each episode follows one tank's story: the rebuild; the innovations that made each machine great, and the engineering flaws that proved fatal. Unique serial numbers lead us to re-trace each tank's forged-in-war history: discovering where it was made, the battles it fought and the often tragic end of its fighting career. Once the hard work is over, we see the machines sputter and roar to life.

Director : PJ Naworynski Executive Producer for Military Channel : Peter Rees An Ellis Vision Production with Viasat Explorer, UKTV, Canwest and Military Channel (2009)

[edit] Centurion

Fast, smart, deadly, the British designed Centurion is one of the greatest tanks of all time. A champion in Korea against the Chinese Red Army, afterwards virtually every army in NATO wanted one. The Centurion is so adaptable that armies in South Africa and Israel are still using it. Even today, Centurion innovations live on in modern tanks.

In this episode, we will meet two crews working on Centurions. The first crew volunteers at the vast Imperial War Museum Duxford in England. They have all the time, spare parts and manpower they need. The second crew toils in a small museum in Oshawa, Canada. Relying on volunteer energy and miniscule budgets, they’re aiming to get their Centurion finished in 10 years.

[edit] Elephant

One of the largest heaviest tank destroyers ever built, the Elephant was brilliant on paper and terrifying to behold. But in 1943, the Germans sent it into battle without having ever tested it. Under fire, the massive monster turned out to be a sitting duck for courageous Soviet fighters who learned they could disable it with a simple Molotov cocktail.

The Elephant is possible the rarest surviving tank from World War 2. Only 90 were ever built and now only two are thought to exist. At the US Army Ordnance Museum, you will see a crack team restore a rusted beat up machine that has been left on the sidelines since 1944.

[edit] M-24 Chaffee

Joe Garbarino is CEO of a massive garbage and recycling business, but his true pride and joy is his own M-24 chaffee, the best light tank from WWII. Also, learn the story of Dien Bien Phu, when the French lost a battle and their empire in Indochina.

[edit] BMP

Unveiled in the mid-1960s, the Soviet BMP was the world’s very first infantry fighting vehicle – a brand new concept for the modern nuclear battlefield. The BMP was designed to protect soldiers from radioactive fallout and allow them to fight from within the vehicle. But the BMP never fought a nuclear war. Instead it fought conventional wars in the Middle East where it was outclassed by its vastly superior American counterpart, the M2 Bradley. Now, Greg Taylor, one of the most experienced tank restorers, will rebuild a Cold War vehicle without enough money, time, and help. Greg is pushed to his limits.

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