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[edit] General Information

Technology Documentary hosted by Kieran Long and Piers Taylor, published by BBC in 2014 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: The-100k-House-Tricks-of-the-Trade-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

The 100k House: Tricks of the Trade Last year in The House that £100K Built, Kieran Long and Piers Taylor followed self-builders as they took on the biggest gamble of their lives, trying to build a home from scratch for less than £100k. Kieran and Piers helped them create the dream homes they longed for by being clever with their cash and creative with design. This time, Kieran and Piers are coming to the aid of homeowners as they take on ambitious building projects. They have all sorts of problems to solve, are on the tightest of budgets and with little or no experience are desperate for help. Kieran and Piers come up with ingenious solutions, inspiring them with big ideas and challenging them to create an extraordinary home out of the one they already have. But with design dilemmas at every turn and their life savings at stake, will homeowners manage to create the house they've always wanted but believed they could never have?

[edit] Part 1

Former nurse Dawn dreamed of a relaxing home for her retirement, but an impulse buy has left her with a tiny cottage that's so small she doesn't even invite her family round. Can Kieran and Piers unlock the potential of her 150-year-old home or will Dawn be determined to do things her own way?
Angela and Dale's disastrous extension has blighted their lives for nearly a decade, but Angela's recent health problems mean that they now urgently need to fix their failed home. With £5k to remodel the whole rear of their house, the challenge is on for Piers to come up with an ingenious solution to bring their home up to scratch.

[edit] Part 2

Sue moved into a dark, unloved 1920s semi in Kent with big ideas to reconfigure the entire house. She is keen to make a fresh start after a traumatic divorce, but her initial plans are scuppered when she finds out her £25k budget is not enough to do all the work. Kieran and Piers set about revising her plans, but as Sue ploughs on and the money runs out, she is left to make some tough decisions in order to try and have the house she so desperately wants.
Kath and Greg's family home in Shrewsbury is a 1970s timewarp, with a kitchen that is so impractical and potentially dangerous that their daughters are often kept away. As the true cost of updating the kitchen sinks in, the family has to abandon plans for a glossy kitchen and roll up their sleeves to tackle the bigger problems. While Kieran investigates alternative ways to get the kitchen of their dreams, Piers is tested to come up with low-cost solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.

[edit] Part 3

Abigail and Christian's house is in an idyllic location but is dark, dingy and unsuitable for family life. On the brink of spending their entire savings on an extension which won't deliver what they need, it is up to Kieran and Piers to search for a bold architectural solution within their tight budget.
Madelaine inherited her parents' 1960s home but has a dilemma - she wants to bring the house up to date but worries about ripping out a lifetime of memories along the way. With emotions running high, it is up to Piers to find an innovative solution that gives Madelaine the contemporary style she wants, while retaining the character of her beloved family home.

[edit] Part 4

Ronnie and Nicky are years behind on the property ladder after living in barracks and tents around the world whilst working in the armed forces. Their latest battle is to turn the dark and badly planned bungalow that was all they could afford into a dream family home. Piers challenges them to rip up their current plans and be more ambitious, while Kieran pushes them to stop shopping and start designing. How will these design novices cope when they realise they cannot afford to finish their home in a conventional way?
Meanwhile, Nigel in Gloucestershire has DIY experience but no idea what to do. A slow and steady renovation project has created a DIY war zone, but the pace needs to change now that his new partner Kim and her kids have moved in. With just £7,000 available, Piers must help them spend it in the right places - but can they decide where to start? And will it ever be finished?

[edit] Part 5

Mikyla lived as a single mum of two in her Victorian terrace house, but now that her fiancé has moved in they are bursting at the seams. It is up to Kieran and Piers to inspire them and help decide how and where to spend their budget. The ideal solution is an extension - but with only £11,000 to spend, will they be able to make every penny count and create something extraordinary?
Charity worker Rita has managed to scrape together £3,000, but that is all she has for an entire new kitchen. Full of design ambitions, Rita wants something amazing but she cannot see a way to achieve her dream kitchen on her small budget. Piers's biggest challenge turns out to be steering Rita away from the obvious temptation of the high street and towards an ambitious bespoke design. Will she be able to take a design leap of faith in a radical new direction?

[edit] Part 6

Ben and Mita fell in love with their warehouse apartment due to its central location and lofty style, but two children later they've run out of space, can't afford to move and are at a loss as to what to do. Piers and Kieran need to fundamentally change the way the couple perceive their home and encourage them to adopt an ambitious architectural solution. With some tough financial decisions to make, will the couple finally transform their chaotic flat into a tranquil family home?
Graham would love his partner Gabrielle to move into his house, but currently she says she'd rather use a chamber pot than his outdated bathroom. Meanwhile the kitchen is the last place they'd want to enjoy a romantic meal. With just £10k to fix both problems, Piers must come up with a series of solutions for creating luxurious spaces, but will his architectural tricks of the trade persuade Gabrielle to finally move in?

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[edit] Technical Specs

  • Video Codec: x264 CABAC High@L4.1
  • Video Bitrate: 3030 Kbps
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 1.778 (16:9)
  • Video Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Audio Codec: AAC LC
  • Audio English
  • Audio Bitrate: 160 Kbps VBR 48KHz
  • Audio Channels: Stereo 2
  • Run-Time: 59mins
  • Framerate: 25 FPS
  • Number of Parts: 6
  • Container Mp4
  • Part Size: 1.31 GB
  • Source: HDTV
  • Encoded by: Harry65
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  • Merged Subtitles

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