The Cultural Revolution: Mao's Last Battle

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History Documentary hosted by Sean Barrett, published by NDR in 2003 - English narration

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In order to immunise the Peoples Republic of China against bourgeois restoration Mao Zedong embarked on the "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution" in 1966. This was mainly directed against intellectuals. Up to 1976 the whole country was plunged into destructive chaos, shaking the country’s social foundations. The Cultural Revolution is considered today as a "grave left-wing mistake" for which Mao Zedong was responsible. Whether Mao launched a campaign of ideological purification in 1966 to keep China from becoming capitalist or to solidify his power remains a subject for debate. Only the disastrous consequences are certain. This series presents the definitive history of the Cultural Revolution, its background, and aftermath, blending an incredible array of documentary footage with discussion by Chinese contemporaries, diplomats, and scholars, including Roxanne Witke, the only Westerner to interview Mao's wife, Jiang Qing. Chinese witnesses of the time, who all now live abroad, tell of their experiences: about torture, flight and many years of exile. A film by Winfried Scharlau, Ming Shi, Ralph Quinke Directed by Ralph Quinke A production by ChristianBerg TV & Media GmbH for NDR

[edit] No Rest for the Weary: The Cultural Revolution and its Origins

From World War II until Mao's death in 1976, the Chinese faced recurring hardships, the Cultural Revolution perhaps the most damaging to their traditional society. This program carefully traces the origins and implementation of Mao's agenda of social upheaval, bringing together documentary footage and firsthand accounts from those who experienced it. Among those interviewed is Song Yongyi, a history professor at Dickinson College who left China in order to write an account of the movement.

[edit] The Unfortunate Generation: The Cultural Revolution and Beyond

Within two years of the Cultural Revolution, armed factions battled each other in Mao's name. To avoid civil war, Mao essentially banished his zealots to the countryside. This program chronicles the Cultural Revolution, its disastrous aftermath, and the role of Mao's wife, Jiang Qing. Scholars, diplomats, and survivors discuss the forced labor camps known as "Schools of May 7th"; the attacks on foreign consulates in Hong Kong and Beijing; China's support of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge; and the trial of the "Gang of Four." The program concludes with Deng Xiaoping opening China to the West.

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