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War Documentary hosted by Daniel Costelle, published by France Televisions in 1997 - English narration

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Images forgotten for more than 20 years, rediscovered in American Army archives, mostly covered by military secrecy or long censored for their violence. Continuing the French fascination with their former colony, this documentary looks at the history of the conflict in Vietnam using pictures from the American Army Archives showing the first of the modern media wars. The Vietnam War was one of the most filmed conflicts in history. But it was also heavily censored. Made from the pick of 20,000 reels of previously restricted or classified "Secret" film dailies and rushes recorded by the U.S. combat cameramen between 1960-1975, this astonishing 3-part series offers a stunning new 'front line' perspective on the conflict, shot in color. 25 years after the end of the Vietnam War, some of the conflict's most harrowing images can be seen in this documentary, showing protected military footage now that archives have been unfrozen two decades later. Rare images that make this conflict clear and visible, and reveal what this war was like on a daily basis. The army cameramen filmed everything, without voyeurism or complacency, with the emotion of the combatant and the talent of the filmmaker. Savage, raw, surprising, shocking and bloody, these unusual documents of remarkable technical quality, reveal the Vietnam War as it was really fought. Unedited, identified by clapperboard, this raw material depicts war in its routine, the eye of the camera capturing a crack fighting force, from the world's most powerful nation, in disintegration. Written and Narrated by Daniel Costelle ; Directed and Edited by Isabelle Clarke ; A France 3/INA Enterprise Co-Production with Television Suisse Romande, RTBF and Institut National de l'Audiovisuel

[edit] The Secret of the War

From the first contact with the jungle to the gigantic deployments of men in 1966. "The Secret of the War" covers the period 1965-1967. Its origins are evoked: Capra's "Why We Fight" becomes "why we fight?" with a question mark and already raises doubts and uncertainties. The shock of the first fights is also at the heart of this episode. For the first three years of the war, the U.S. Infantry had two very different missions to win 'Hearts and Minds' and to 'Search and Destroy'. Join U.S. combat cameramen as they are choppered in alongside the troops to capture the fighting on assault operations including Starlight, Cedar Falls and Masher.

[edit] The Secret of the Weapons

The year 1968 and the Tet Offensive. "The Secret of the Weapons" addresses, through the year '68, the extraordinary display of power of the Americans in the face of the incredible endurance and ingenuity of the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong. From snake-infested jungles to treacherous underground tunnel complexes to city streets, U.S. Infantrymen had to fight in all terrains in Vietnam. Superb combat footage records the war as it raged both in the countryside and in the cities of Saigon and Hue during the Tet Offensive of 1968.

[edit] The Secret of the Men

From the Dong Ap Bia attack, 'The Battle of Hamburger Hill' to the 1973 ceasefire. "The Secret of the Men" deals with the period 1969-1975 and revolves around the weariness of the fighters which, among other factors, will lead to withdrawal and defeat. As peace negotiations dragged on, U.S. soldiers faced new threats and dangers - and a largely conscript army started to come apart under pressure. Once-censored film footage provides a shocking insight, from the carnage of Hamburger Hill to vicious fighting in the Mekong Delta.

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