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Travel Documentary hosted by Bill Weir, published by CNN in 2015 - English narration

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Image: The-Wonder-List-Series-1-Cover.jpg

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The Wonder List In The Wonder List with Bill Weir, storyteller Bill Weir and renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom go on a quest to tell the untold stories of extraordinary people, places, cultures and creatures that are at a crossroads. Across eight, one hour episodes, Weir and Bloom will take viewers to Vanuatu; the Galapagos Islands; Ikaria, Greece; the Taj Mahal in India; the Alps; the Dead Sea; the Everglades and Venice. While in these visually stunning locations, captured by Bloom’s unparalleled cinematography, Weir explores the forces of change that effect so many lives, and discovers what can be done to save them.

[edit] Vanuatu: Landlords of Paradise

The volcanic islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific are most peoples’ idea of an unspoiled paradise. They are also home to some of the most fascinating tribes on the planet. These are the Landlords of Paradise, but they are far from united on how to preserve their idyllic lifestyle. The Yakel tribe eschew the modern world, enjoying a centuries-old lifestyle while fending off the forces of commerce. Their enterprising neighbours on other islands within Vanuatu welcome the looming investment from the outside world. Are they right to embrace change to join the wider world? Are the Yakel right to cling to the past and ignore the future? Bill takes The Wonder List to meet these dynamic tribes that hold the deeds to heaven-on-earth, and confronts the factors that threaten the traditions of an ancient people.

[edit] Galapagos: A Fight for Survival

Experts believe we are now living in the sixth great age of extinction, with species disappearing at alarming rates. In cherished places like the magical Galapagos Islands, conservationists are forced to decide which creatures have to do die so that others may survive. Here in the Galapagos, where Charles Darwin forged his theory on natural selection, Bill embeds with the world’s leading naturalists, fighting to keep this precious place in balance and save critically-endangered species from extinction. Bill wades through swamps, dives into the equatorial depths and climbs the volcanic peaks of the Galapagos to take The Wonder List to the very frontline of man’s bid to save our planetary companions from... man.

[edit] Ikaria: The Island Where People Forget to Die

Everyone's searching for the secret to a long and happy life. Americans spend billions of dollars every year on potions and pills, diets and doctors in pursuit of the fountain of eternal youth. But the answer may be a lot simpler than we thought. Bill takes The Wonder List to Ikaria, a remote Greek island in the Aegean Sea where locals are more likely to outlive Americans. For centuries, their way of life on the island has remained largely unchanged, leading to longer and healthier lives. Now, this 'blue zone' with a high population of centenarians, is under threat due to creeping commercialization and exposure to less healthy eating habits. Here, on The Island Where People Forget to Die, Bill looks at the secret to Ikarians' long lives, and asks whether they can maintain their physical and mental health in a modern world... and what that answer means for their children and grandchildren.

[edit] India: Tigers and the Taj

Prized by poachers and squeezed from their habitat by human development, India's awe-inspiring Bengal Tiger is one of the most elusive and threatened animals on the planet. With conservationists warning the Bengal may become extinct in our lifetime, Bill takes The Wonder List to India, where experts estimate up to 2500 Bengals may still exist in the wild. Here, he drives through dense forests with a band of brave conservationists battling to help this species survive. Will they spot a Bengal in the wild before it's too late? Bill then travels to Agra, site of the greatest monument to love in human history – the Taj Mahal. This architectural marvel has stood for nearly 400 years, but time threatens to catch up with it. Bill tours the mausoleum site with activists to discover what can be done to preserve this

[edit] The Dead Sea: Salt of the Earth

The Dead Sea, one of the great natural wonders of the world, is drying up. The dense waters, revered for their restorative powers, are dropping at an astonishing rate and some experts fear the iconic Dead Sea and its unique ecosystem could be damaged forever. The Sea's main tributary to the north, the Jordan River, has been dammed and diverted for decades to feed and water the booming population of the surrounding countries. Everyone agrees it's a looming disaster and that a solution must be found. Bill takes The Wonder List to Jordan and Israel to examine the dramatic evidence of the waters' decline, and meets the men and women who are battling to save one of the most fantastical landscapes on earth and fighting to bring a vision of peace and co-operation to a troubled region.

[edit] Venice: Sink or Swim

Venice is one of the most beloved man-made wonders on the planet. For more than a thousand years, artists, poets and lovers have flocked to the City of Water to pay homage to its unique beauty. But for how much longer will the Renaissance jewel be able to withstand frequent flooding and the effects of hosting more than twenty million visitors a year? Rising sea levels mean the floods that submerge the City's iconic squares are more frequent than they used to be. Venetians have adapted but plans to combat the effects of the floods have been dogged by controversy. Bill Weir takes The Wonder List to Venice where he wades the flooded streets, floats on the burgeoning canals, examines the possible solutions and talks to fearful Venetians about the challenges of keeping Venice pristine for future generations.

[edit] The Alps: Fire and Ice

The spectacular needle-like peaks of the Alps have been a magnet for thrill-seekers for centuries, attracting the determined, the brave and the adventurous like moths to a flame. In Chamonix, France, climbers, skiers, and daredevils of every stripe still crowd the slopes today, with fearless guides chancing fate by taking on Mont Blanc and its icy sister peaks. But the huge glaciers that have dominated this Alpine landscape for millennia are receding. Experts measuring them believe the rate of melting has accelerated in recent years. Yet there are those who dispute their findings and refuse to accept evidence of change. Bill takes The Wonder List to the Alps to climb the ice-peaks, ski the slopes and trek with the guides whose lives and livelihoods are at stake if the glacial melt continues.

[edit] The Everglades: A Fight for Glory

Home to a dazzling array of animals found nowhere else on the planet, the iconic wetlands of South Florida are prized as one of the world’s most important and unique natural treasures. The Everglades was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 but in 2010 was named as the only US site on the official danger list because of the impact of earlier draining and development. Now the race is on to preserve these wetlands – and the endangered species who live there - while there is still time. Bill takes The Wonder List to the Everglades to skim the waters, dive the swamps, and meet the extraordinary men and women fighting to restore American glory.

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