Tonight: Man vs. Mother Nature

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Science Documentary hosted by Julis Etchingham, published by ITV in 2011 - English narration

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Image: Tonight-Man-vs.-Mother-Nature-Cover.jpg

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ITV Tonight: Man vs. Mother Nature Japan has invested billions in preparing for the "superquake". They built Tokyo - a skyscraper metropolis - right next to one of the earth's most active fault lines. Their investment paid off when the greatest quake in the nation's memory came last Friday - in Tokyo it was Man who won in the battle with Mother Nature. Astonishingly just 4 people lost their lives. But North of Tokyo, Man's best attempts to prepare for a tsunami proved no match for the force of Mother Nature. Tens of thousands are feared dead, entire communities have been swept away by the giant wave that hit with little warning and maximum force. The Pacific Ocean early warning system worked - but the quake was so close to the coast it gave hundreds of thousands of people only moments to escape. So is there anything more Man can do to take on the might of the tsunami, can we learn from this disaster and the Asian tsunami of 2004? Or must we accept that the tsunami is Mother Nature's ultimate force and that in its path we are powerless?

Geraint Vincent travels to Tokyo where he meets the city's architects and engineers who designed the ultimate quake-proof city. He hears from the people who were working and living in the "swaying skyscrapers" when the quake struck, and we get an exclusive look at the next generation of quake research and development that will make the buildings of tomorrow even safer. Then he travels North with one of the world's top earthquake structural engineers to the coastal settlements washed away by the tsunami.

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