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[edit] General Information

Arts Documentary with no narration published by BSkyB in 2013 - English language

[edit] Cover

Image: Video-Killed-the-Radio-Star-Series-Five-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

This series highlights the visual style & musical impact of individual artists with each episode dedicated to a particular Artist, the Video Directors and Stylists who gave the World visual statements. Video Killed The Radio Star is a short-format documentary series which delves into a handful of the classic 80s-era videos and the people who made them, through in-depth and anecdotal interviews with music video directors and sometimes even with appearances by the artists themselves. This absorbing collection is episodic and highlights the visual style and musical impact of some of world's greatest rock stars, recalling the experiences — the genius, madness, excesses and ideas — behind some of music's most famous videos. The initial focus of the series is on music videos from the 1980s, and occasionally on the British pop chart bands and artists of the 1990s. These episodes examine the life and ideas behind some of music's most famous videos, intercutting the original videos (sometimes providing rare or rarely-seen content that wasn't broadcast on basic cable TV programs in the United States) — with the iconic bands and the artists' on-set shenanigans alongside the views and tales from the directors, the series explores the exciting period that changed the way we interacted with music forever. A Sparkvale/Monster Entertainment Ltd Co-Production

[edit] The Synth Years

We hear from bands like Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Human League as well as directors Brian Grant, Steve Barron & Russell Mulcahy as they take us behind the scenes of some of the first videos that changed the face of Britain.

[edit] The Human League

Phil Oakey talks about the music videos of the synth pop band who first found success in Britain in the 1980s. Here Director Steve Barron discusses the story behind the massive number one hit 'Don't You Want Me'.

[edit] Michael Jackson

No single artist has left such an indelible mark on music, fashion, dance and pop culture as Michael Jackson. Directors Steve Barron, Joe Pytka, Andy Morahan, Wayne Isham and Tim Pope discuss his seminal music videos.

[edit] David Bowie

Exploring the origins and subsequent legacy of the music videos of rock icon David Bowie. A pioneer in the art of music video, Bowie's videos made a lasting impression on the landscape of visual media.

[edit] Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Video Killed The Radio Star takes a look into the trilogy of videos from Frankie Goes To Hollywood: from the controversial Relax to the Nativity story that is The Power of Love.

[edit] Elton John

This episode features interviews and videos from pop sensation and gay icon Elton John. Known for his overtly flamboyant style, Elton John has been a significant force in the art of music videos since the early 1970s.

[edit] Simple Minds

Jim Kerr, lead singer and founder of Simple Minds explains the ideas and processes behind many of the band's most prominent hit songs, including; 'Don't You Forget About Me', 'Promised you a Miracle' and 'Belfast Child'.

[edit] The Cure

This episode sees The Cure's own Robert Smith and Director Tim Pope discuss the making of many of The Cure's most famous Videos including the hits 'Inbetween Days', 'Pictures of You' and 'Close to Me.'

[edit] Billy Joel

We look back on some of singer/songwriter Billy Joel's best-known videos from 'Allentown' to 'Uptown Girl'. Directors Jay Dubin, Russell Mulcahy and Andy Morahan discuss some of Billy Joel's greatest hits and videos.

[edit] Aretha Franklin

In this episode we hear from directors Brian Grant, Jay Dubin and Andy Morahan as they discuss collaborating with Aretha Franklin on some of her most acclaimed music videos.

[edit] When Joe Strummer Met the Pogues

This episode explores Joe's time spent with The Pogues while also taking a look at his brief foray into acting. Unique archive footage & contributions from Pogues manager Frank Murray & Shane MacGowan are featured throughout.

[edit] Blur

In this episode we take a look back at making some of Blur's best-known videos from 'Parklife' to 'Country house.' Featuring archive interviews with front man Damon Albarn, directors Damien Hirst and Pedro Romhanyi.

[edit] Oasis

Arguably the most popular British rock band of the past twenty years, Oasis experienced a period of unrivalled creativity particularly on their record breaking album '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?'.

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Video Codec: x264 CABAC Main@L3.1
Video Bitrate: 2 687 Kbps
Video Resolution: 1280x720
Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Frames Per Second: 25.000 fps
Audio Codec: AAC (LC)
Audio Bitrate: 128 kb/s VBR 48000 Hz
Audio Streams: 2
Audio Languages: english
RunTime Per Part: 22 min
Number Of Parts: 13
Part Size: 411 MB - 450 MB
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