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[edit] General Information

Technology Documentary hosted by Emmanuel Belliveau, published by Freemantal Media in 2009 - English narration

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Image: World-s-Greenest-Homes-Season-1-Cover.png

[edit] Information

World's Greenest Homes: Season 1 In World's Greenest Homes, we're treated to a visually stunning; all access tour of some of the most extraordinary houses ever built. Aspirational, inspiring and captivating, each half-hour show explores two of the world's most exceptional green homes. Along the way there are insights from the passionate owners and the architects responsible for these dream creations, and intriguing interviews with the designers and experts responsible for the incredible green gizmos that make these homes so special.

[edit] McKinley

World's Greenest Homes visits a California beach house with a unique family-friendly design that makes the most of an ocean breeze. Host Emmanuel Belliveau tour’s a home nestled in the hills of Greece that combines contemporary design with natural and eco friendly features.

[edit] Shaw

Just outside of Aspen, Colorado, where the rich and famous come to play, Host Emmanuel Belliveau visits a 7-thousand square foot home with a small carbon footprint. World's Greenest Homes takes a tour of a home in a Boston suburb made from the scraps and leftovers from an old interstate freeway.

[edit] Casa Verde

We visit a stunning and lavish home in San Francisco’s Mission district. This home is a study in how to take windpower to a whole new level in the city. Then to West Sussex to see a house that has the neighbourhood talking and then to Aspen to check out a huge home with a small carbon footprint!

[edit] Dulwich

We visit south London, to explore a timber frame home that is nothing like the Victorian-terraced homes surrounding it. The house is a rework of an old woodworking shop on a site that no one imagined. Then we tour a home in a Boston suburb made from the scraps and leftovers from the old interstate freeway. Next in the Hollywood hills, a couple built a fabulous home on a 9-thousand-square-foot piece of land. The design is bold, beautiful and boasts some of the earliest uses of non-toxic materials.

[edit] Solar Umbrella

We visit a tiny 1920’s bungalow in Venice Beach California that’s been renovated into the latest in modern design and green features. Then to a home nestled in the hills of Greece just outside Athens that combines contemporary design with natural and eco-friendly features that are as old as the hills. And then in Houston, we visit a colourful one-of-a-kind art deco inspired home that’s cashing in on energy savings.

[edit] Kickapoo

In this episode, we visit… ‘Kickapoo,’ a stunning Arts and Crafts-style home in Oregon, Illinois… The ultimate tree house just minutes from Sydney Harbour… And an eco-friendly, Mediterranean-style village in the Florida Panhandle that’s built to last 500 years.

[edit] Tomintoul

A Houston architect transformed a derelict downtown site into a block of sumptuous green town homes, and created a cool, slick and sustainable neighborhood in the process. Then a 680-acre holiday home outside Melbourne, Australia named after a whisky.

[edit] Casa de Carmen

Only ten minutes from the White House in Washington, D.C, green pioneer and architect, Travis Price, cantilevered his four-storey steel and glass dream home over a cliff so it barely touches the forest below. Then, a green oasis in Baja, Mexico.

[edit] Inside out House

An Arizona Desert home designed to blend in with its surroundings… A sumptuous 680-acre holiday home outside Melbourne, Australia… And the spectacular, earth-friendly solar-powered desert castle that’s home to former punk rock singer, David Buxton.

[edit] Arroyo House

A former punk rocker lives off the grid in a solar powered castle and a Toronto couple bring nature inside their ultra modern, clean and green living space.

[edit] Chicago House

Faced with a derelict 3000 square foot warehouse, a Chicago couple transforms it into a luxurious home, filled with unique green technology. Preserving 90 percent of the building's original brick shell, they installed solar panels, wind turbines, and an ingenious underground cooling system drilled into the bedrock. The sprawling home also features a lush central courtyard, a greenhouse, and a living roof.
Two hours North of Sydney, this family's modern retreat proves you can live in complete comfort - completely off the grid. The home's unique green features include natural ventilation and a cinderblock fireplace that retains heat for hours. The home also features sweeping valley views, and a unique sprinkler system to protect it from the area's common bush fires.

[edit] Accordion House

Manny heads to Austin, Texas where one couple took an already green dream home and remodeled it to create a luxurious green oasis with a breathtaking view. Designed to stay cool naturally, the home features local limestone walls, recycled paper insulation, a heat-reflecting metal roof, and rolling aluminum shutters to help keep out the midday heat.
Then, in northern Sweden, two architects designed a very unusual off the grid house in one of the country's nature reserves. It's called Accordion House because it expands accordion-style over a stream and folds up into itself during the cold weather. It's cutting edge design and open concept all the way—with reindeer pelts lining the walls and a giant bathtub on the deck!

[edit] Taprobane

A few hours North of San Francisco, and a mile from the closest utility pole, a couple built their unusual green dream home in the shape of a hawk, and completely off the grid. Powered by recycled solar panels and a creek-fed hydroelectric generator, the home features curved walls, a ventilated natural underground cooling system, and a soapstone fireplace that radiates heat for up to 48 hours.

[edit] Tarrytown

A Chicago warehouse that’s become a hotbed of green technology… A Victorian row-home in Toronto Canada with ultra-modern, green interiors… And we visit Austin, Texas, to tour one lucky family’s energy-efficient oasis.

[edit] Sunhawk

Emmanuel travels north of San Francisco and a mile from the closest utility pole, to visit an unusual green home in the shape of a hawk. Next, just minutes from Sydney Harbor, a turn-of-the-century cottage was redesigned with an open-air living space.

[edit] Wis Tavern

Emmanuel visits a cliffside Toronto home that pushes green to the extreme. Then, a Chicago couple with a punk rock label transformed a turn-of-the-century tavern into the greenest live-work space in the city.

[edit] Eco Manor

An Atlanta Tudor mansion that’s one of the largest eco-homes in the US… A unique Australian getaway that’s completely off the grid… And a cliffside Toronto home that pushes green to the extreme.

[edit] Alys Beach

Manny takes a trip to Alys Beach in the Florida Panhandle, where two architects became the first residents of their eco-friendly, Mediterranean-style village. Next, nestled on the shores of Lake Okanagan,BC, an award-winning, Asian-inspired super home.

[edit] South Salem

An Arts and Crafts-inspired, energy-efficient super home in New York State… A green Sydney home that combines a Victorian cottage with a sleek new addition… And a Cobourg, Ontario, green dream with a swimming pool made from recycled tires.

[edit] Toad Hollow

Located in a reclaimed industrial site transformed into a green residential neighborhood, a grand home in Atlanta combines Southern charm with eco-friendly living. Then, an energy-efficient home proves it's possible to be green while going green.

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