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[edit] General Information

Technology Documentary hosted by Emmanuel Belliveau and John Bell, published by Freemantal Media in 2011 - English narration

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Image: World-s-Greenest-Homes-Season-2-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

World's Greenest Homes: Season 2 Be prepared to be taken deep inside the most stunning eco-friendly dwellings on the planet while watching World's Greenest Homes

[edit] Sierra

A 3,400 square foot super home blends in with the landscape and features innovative recycled products throughout, then a pair of fashion designers built their dream-home with some inventive green touches.

[edit] Bear Creek

Using local materials, a couple in Southern Ontario built their off-grid home on 65 acres of rolling hills without sacrificing any creature comforts. Beyond the exposed beams and country-chic interiors, the sprawling home features solar thermal tubes, a wind turbine and a swimming pool made from recycled car tires. Next, nestled in the woods outside St. Paul, Minnesota, this grand geodesic dome home can withstand earthquakes, hurricane winds, and tons of snow. Using 60 percent less material than a conventional house, the robust and energy-efficient home features gracious open-plan interiors with 18 inch thick walls, reclaimed wood and non-toxic materials throughout

[edit] Happy House

This award-winning, 4,000-square foot energy efficient home in Houston, Texas has loads of personality and plenty of green features, too. Beyond the solar panels, recycled denim insulation, and heat resistant extra-thick concrete walls, the home features sprawling multi-purpose living areas, and an indoor slide that offers a quick alternative to the stairs. Full of personal decorative touches and overlooking a glacial lake in Rollins, Montana, this 2,400-square foot home is embedded in a steep slope to take advantage of the Earth’s thermal benefits. The green home also features local and salvaged materials with Amish-built kitchen cabinets, a spectacular green roof, and an interior wall that looks like ancient ruins.

[edit] Vineyard

In the heart of Silicon Valley, this 3,000 square foot Palo Alto home blends industrial chic with modern comfort. Perfectly oriented to capture sunlight, the home's green design includes passive solar energy and solar panels that generate 80 % of the home's needs. The home also features recycled newspaper insulation, reclaimed and renewable woods and non-toxic plaster walls. Nestled on a spectacular five-acre site on British Columbia's Lake Okanagan, this 3,500 square foot home is designed to blend in with its pristine surroundings. Built into the side of a hill, the super-insulated, energy efficient structure is loaded with recycled and reclaimed materials. The homes many creature comforts include radiant floors, 18-foot ceilings, and a breathtaking views from the outdoor deck.

[edit] Suncadia

Situated in an exclusive conservation area and golf resort outside Seattle, Washington, this award-winning, 3,000 square foot home features superior insulation and eco-friendly finishes throughout. Built to blend in with its natural surroundings, the home boasts a two-story lounge, a bronze kitchen sink, a recycled copper bathtub, and a computerized central control system. In just 18 months, this traditional 1940's bungalow outside Minneapolis was transformed into an award winning, super-green, energy-saving home. Called the "Sustainable House," it's loaded with almost every green feature imaginable, including low-flow fixtures, a closed combustion gas fireplace, triple-glazed argon-filled windows, geothermal wells for heating and cooling, and huge underground cisterns for storing rainwater.

[edit] Courtyard

A couple in Toronto, Canada transformed an abandoned, bunker-like industrial warehouse into a green family sanctuary right in the heart of the city. Designed as a home and studio, the dwelling features open-concept,multi-functional spaces and furniture. Green features inlcude smart ventilation, radiant concrete floors, and a courtyard that doubles as an outdoor living room. Nestled on 40-acres in New York’s Catskill Mountains, this wedge-shaped, ultra modern chalet is made of natural, renewable, and recycled materials. Designed to capture light naturally, the compact 1,800 square foot home features a wall of insulated, translucent windows. It also boasts a panoramic deck, two-sided radiant fireplace, and a geothermal system for heating and cooling.

[edit] Olle Cabin

World's Greenest Homes visits a Sonoma County cabin made entirely from salvaged materials, a sumptuous Australian home that blends low- and high-tech features, and an eco-savvy newlywed love nest in Austin, Texas that was inspired by a 300-year-old oak tree.

[edit] Permaculture

World's Greenest Homes travels to a sumptuous Sonoma County eco-marvel with its own wildlife habitat, a luxurious Australian vineyard offering the ultimate in country living and an energy-efficient, candy-colored Austin, Texas funhouse that puts a whimsical spin on being green.

[edit] Hillcrest House

World's Greenest Homes travels to the United Kingdom to find a home located on a former horse field and which captures the essence of California living. This 4,000-square-foot, four-bedroom suburban gem features durable eco-friendly materials.
Next, in Hong Kong where space is a luxury few can afford, an ultra-hip 330-square-foot one-of-a-kind apartment stands out with features like a futuristic sliding-wall system that creates up to 24 different room combinations.
Finally, in San Francisco, nestled in the San Geronimo hills sits a three-bedroom, customized pre-fab home with stylish, eco-friendly interiors designed for maximum air flow, artfully-hidden solar panels, and a low-maintenance garden.

[edit] Haus W

World's Greenest Homes travels to Hamburg, Germany to find a 1,400 square foot, box-like home with a geothermal heating system, ecologically harvested wood panels, and a tiny carbon footprint.
Next, in Auckland, New Zealand a 1,500-square-foot boasts a slick exterior made from ninety percent recycled steel and sheep's wool insulation.
Finally, on the doorstep of the Swiss Alps is a 3,000 square-foot home with a translucent glass façade and four bedrooms—and is one of the first zero-emission homes in Europe.

[edit] Lacemakers House

World's Greenest Homes travels to Nottingham, England, where an abandoned former warehouse was transformed into an imaginative, 2,000 square-foot eco-home that features 18th century brickwork, a large skylight and glass walkway plus a system that reuses and recycles the entire home's grey and brown water.
Then, ancient Japanese customs and Western eco-architecture blend seamlessly in this unique 1,000 square-foot home in Nagoya, Japan. Perched over a shallow reflecting pool and built over a steep 30-foot drop, the home features moving walls and windows, and a wide-open living area.
Finally, contemporary loft living meets the great outdoors in this 3,000 square-foot Dutch eco-home. With passive solar heating, an insulated green roof, and three walls of double-paned glass, the home is naturally cooled by two ponds and a waterfall.

[edit] Five House

World's Greenest Homes travels to Minneapolis, MN where a 1,800 square foot home in the suburbs features the owners' own dumpster finds, a reclaimed gymnasium floor, huge picture windows, and a durable, future-proof design.
Next, it's off to Boulder, CO where a three-bedroom, 2,900 square foot home is built from eco-friendly materials, and features a noise-proofing concrete wall, soaring ceilings and windows, open concept living areas, bright design flourishes, and an indoor fish pond.
Finally, in Düsseldorf, Germany, nestled in the picturesque countryside, is an open concept green dream home that features outstanding minimalist design, solar panels and passive solar heat, as well as a dramatic floating staircase, a spa-like bathroom, a fish-filled reflecting pool, and dramatic views from the home's large windows and second-story bridge.

[edit] Eco Deep House

World's Greenest Homes travels to Minnesota to a former 1940s bungalow that was
transformed into a modern architectural gem featuring flexible, fun-loving design, two types of solar panels, a green roof, and a deck made from recycled milk jugs.
Then, a home that is minutes from Hollywood and built above an open, four-car garage. This perfectly ventilated 1,500-square-foot Culver City green home features a wall of massive windows and a front door made from rice straw.
Finally, it's off to downtown Chicago to see an award-winning, 3,000 square-foot, one-of-a-kind home with an enviable, inner-city terrace.

[edit] Claremont House

Tour an ultra-modern Chicago home that stands out from the crowd… Visit a Santa Monica home with spectacular views and a modest footprint… And visit a once-derelict Boston store that became an enviro-conscious family home … Visit a Santa Monica home with spectacular views and a modest footprint… And visit a once-derelict Boston store that became an enviro-conscious family home.

[edit] Dome House

Visit a spectacular rotating dome home in upstate New York… Take in Chile’s dramatic coastline from a luxurious, off-grid home… And, tour a stately Toronto house that blends into its beachside neighbourhood.

[edit] Arts and Crafts House

Nestled in an eco-friendly co-op community in rural New York State, this 5,000-square-foot family home is powered by geo-thermal technology, and features Arts and Crafts-inspired interiors, smart windows and skylights, recycled newsprint insulation, and zero-carbon emissions.

[edit] Krikorian

Hidden in the Sonoran Desert, minutes from Scottsdale, Arizona, this live-work oasis is designed to stay naturally cool. A showcase for modern desert living, the two bedroom 3,000-square-foot eco-mirage features contemporary open-concept interiors, an indoor rock wall, a secret kitty hideaway, and a spectacular view.

[edit] Pump House

This historic Lake Erie pump house was transformed into a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly family home featuring rustic stone interiors, picture windows, spectacular lakefront views, an art gallery hallway, radiant concrete floors, and the structure’s original ice wall and pumping system.

[edit] Laneway House

Hidden in a Toronto back alley and flooded with natural light, this cozy and compact, 800-square-foot home was once a blacksmith’s shop, and features clean, white interiors, sustainable, efficient design, and a green roof and terrace among the treetops.

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