Yancheng: the Orient Capital of Everglade

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[edit] General Information

Travel Documentary published by Others in 2004 - Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean Multilanguage narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Yancheng-the-Orient-Capital-of-Everglade-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

A city which used to 'cook the sea' for salt, and became attached to salt for thousands of years;
A long native voice has been sang till today,
To listen to the unforgettable stories from the acrobatics of 'Shi Ba Tuan';
Red-crowned cranes fly here so long to live through the winter,
How are the divinity deers
A family of three generations has lived on one boat,
it's just like 'watery village' in our dream!
That is, the city in the north of Jiangsu, Yancheng.

[edit] Something about Yancheng

Let us start with the relationship of salt and this city, to know some special history and human-culture accumulating here.

[edit] Shinai'an and Baiju

Shinai'an has a special relationship with the town Baiju-he has special experiences here, and he wrote the novel Shuihu here.

[edit] Huai Opera the native opera

Feathers of Huai Opera in Yancheng, and some famous programs and performers.

[edit] A family on the water

Living on the boats for generations, staying with boats day and night-how's their living and emotion?

[edit] Milu Deers returned

Yancheng has the world's biggest nature reserve for Milu Deers. This ep intros the history and living state of Milu Deers, and also the research and protection from the science.

[edit] Live with Acrobatics

Jianhu is one of the cradle of chinese acrobatics. This ep intros its origin, descendants and stunts.

[edit] The Mystic Seaside Everglade

States of the seaside everglade of Yancheng, and its relationship to society. Biology-variety environment and protections to it.

[edit] Charms of Yancheng

'Yancheng, which lying on the beautiful side of Yellow Sea...' HD scenery of Dongtai, Dafeng, Tinghu, Yandu, Sheyang, Jianhu, Funing, Binhai and Xiangshui of the city Yancheng, with bg music Flower Moli.

[edit] Screenshots

[edit] Technical Specs

  • Catalogy: Anthropo-geography
  • Sessions: Totally 8, 7 for topics and 1 of scenery
  • Running time: 27min/file
  • Subtitle: Chinese, in-built
  • ISBN: CN-F18-04-0531-0/V·G2
  • Encoding: XviD 1700kbps, 720x576 @ 25 fps, PAL; Dolby AC3@192kbps/48 KHz/2 Channels for each track
  • Audio Tracks: Chinese/English/Japanese/Korean
  • Official Webpage: http://www.cctv.com/program/zbzg/20040624/100732.shtml
  • Ripped by: Dean Lee(xslidian@BCCT=Dean.Lee@ShareVirus)

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