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Science Documentary hosted by Bill Nye and published by Discovery Channel in 2007 - English narration

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Where would we be today if it weren't for the scientists of the past? From the miniature world of genetics to the vast expanse of space, review the greatest discoveries of all time across eight different scientific categories in this multi-part series. Join host Bill Nye as he recounts the 100 most important discoveries and explains how each one has had a hand in shaping the modern world. Watch his lively and dramatic accounts and learn how the great discoveries were made, how they impacted the development of scientific knowledge and how they touch our lives today.

[edit] Astronomy

Copernicus first theorized that the Sun was the center of our solar system, but it took the work of Johannes Kepler to prove it.
Learn why the universe is expanding and meet modern astronomers who gauge the likelihood of life out there.

[edit] Biology

Hundreds of years before the first DNA test, "Micrographia" championed the use of microscopes and set the stage for the first major discovery in biology: microorganisms.
Learn how the secret of the cell was solved and how starfish led to the development of stem cell research.

[edit] Chemistry

Joesph Priestley initiated the study of chemistry in 1770 with the discovery of oxygen.
From there, witness the development of plastics and a familiar table that has confounded high school chemistry students for generations.

[edit] Earth Sciences

Venture beneath our planet's crust for a look at the powerful geological forces that keep life on the move and adapting to plate tectonics, earthquakes and super volcanoes.

[edit] Evolution

From the discovery of the dinosaur-killing KT asteroid to Carl Linnaeus' still-used life form classification system to the groundbreaking theories of Charles Darwin.
Learn how intelligent life began on earth.

[edit] Genetics

Gregor Mendel's work with pea plants pioneered the study of genetics, but it wasn't until the creation of the double helix DNA model that the field really began to take off.

[edit] Medicine

With physician Andreas Vesalius's groundbreaking anatomical drawings in 1538, a new science was born.
Witness the horror of a pre-anesthesia operating room, see how X-rays were discovered and meet the man who developed the first vitamin.

[edit] Physics

Learn how physicist Sir Isaac Newton developed his three laws of motion and travel inside the atom for an explosive look at Einstein's best-known theory.

[edit] Top Ten

What are the 10 greatest scientific discoveries of all time? Find out which of the original 100 were voted by viewers as the most groundbreaking.

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  • Video Codec: DivX6
  • Video Bitrate: 4000+ on average
  • Video Resolution: 1280x720
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 1:1.778
  • Video Framerate: 29.97
  • Audio Codec: AC3
  • Audio Bitrate: 384 kb/s, 48kHz
  • Audio Channels: 2
  • Runtime per Part: 44 mins on average
  • Number of Parts: 9
  • Part Size: 1.4 GB
  • Subtitles: None, TV Capture
  • Ripped by: IM

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