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History Documentary narrated by Simon Schama published by BBC in 2000 - English narration

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Simon Schama's acclaimed series spans fifteen programmes, chronicling a nation's tale from the Iron Age to the present day. What causes and circumstances led up to the Reformation? Assess the debate surrounding the impact of the Reformation. Wonder at the glory of stained glass windows. Chart the Tudors with the Kings and Queens timeline. Follow the lives of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I......

[edit] Beginnings (3100 BC - 1000 AD)

Simon Schama starts his story in the Stone Age village of Skara Brae, Orkney. Over the next four thousand years Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Christian missionaries arrive, fight, settle and leave their mark on what will become the nations of Britain.

[edit] Conquest! (1000 - 1087)

1066 is not the best remembered date in British history for nothing. In the space of nine hours whilst the Battle of Hastings raged, everything changed. Anglo-Saxon England became Norman and, for the next 300 years, its fate was decided by dynasties of French rulers.

[edit] Dynasty (1087 - 1216)

There is no saga more powerful than that of the warring dynasty - domineering father, beautiful, scheming mother and squabbling, murderous sons and daughters, (particularly the nieces). In the years that followed the Norman Conquest, this was the drama played out on the stage of British history.

[edit] Nations (1216 - 1348)

Nations is the epic account of how the nations of Britain emerged from under the hammer of England's "Longshanks" King Edward I, with a sense of who and what they were, which endures to this day.

[edit] King Death (1348 - 1500)

It took only six years for the plague to ravage the British Isles. Its impact was to last for generations. But from the ashes of this trauma an unexpected and unique class of Englishman emerged.

[edit] Burning Convictions (1500 - 1558)

Here Simon Schama charts the upheaval caused as a country renowned for its piety, whose king styled himself Defender of the Faith, turns into one of the most aggressive proponents of the new Protestant faith.

[edit] The Body of the Queen (1558 - 1603)

This is the story of two queens - Elizabeth I the consummate politician and Mary Queen of Scots the Catholic mother. It is also the story of the birth of a nation.

[edit] The British Wars (1603 - 1649)

The turbulent civil wars of the early seventeenth century would culminate in two events unique to British history; the public execution of a king and the creation of a republic. Schama tells of the brutal war that tore the country in half and created a new Britain - divided by politics and religion and dominated by the first truly modern army, fighting for ideology, not individual leaders.

[edit] Revolutions (1649 - 1689)

Political and religious revolutions racked Britain after Charles I's execution, when Britain was a joyless, kingless republic led by Oliver Cromwell. His rule became so unpopular that for many it was a relief when the monarchy was restored after his death, but Cromwell was also a man of vision who brought about significant reforms.

[edit] Britannia Incorporated (1690 - 1750)

As the new century dawned, relations between Scotland and England had never been worse. Yet half a century later the two countries would be making a future together based on profit and interest. The new Britain was based on money, not God.

[edit] The Wrong Empire (1750 - 1800)

The Wrong Empire is the exhilarating and terrible story of how one small group of islands came to dominate the world; a story of exploration and daring, but also one of exploitation and conflict.

[edit] Forces of Nature (1780 - 1832)

Britain never had the kind of revolution experienced by France in 1789, but it did come close. In the mid-1770s the country was intoxicated by a great surge of political energy. Re-discovering England's wildernesses, the intellectuals of the "romantic generation" also discovered the plight of the common man, turning nature into a revolutionary force.

[edit] Victoria and Her Sisters (1830 - 1910)

As the Victorian era began, the massive advance of technology and industrialisation was rapidly reshaping both the landscape and the social structure of the whole country. To a much greater extent than ever before women would take a centre-stage role in shaping society.

[edit] The Empire of Good Intentions (1830 - 1925)

The Empire of Good Intentions charts the chequered life of the liberal empire from Ireland to India - the promise of civilisation and material betterment and the delivery of coercion and famine.

[edit] The Two Winstons (1910 - present)

In the final episode, Schama examines the overwhelming presence of the past in the British twentieth century and the struggle of leaders to find a way to make a different national future. As towering figures of the twentieth century, Churchill and Orwell in their different ways exemplify lives spent brooding and acting on that imperial past, and most movingly for us, writing and shaping its history.

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Image: History_of_Britain_Screen0.jpg

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  • Video Codec: DX50 = DivXNetworks Divx v5
  • Video Bitrate: 25.0 fps (1462 Kbps)
  • Video Resolution: 704*384
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Audio Codec: AC3
  • Audio BitRate: 192 Kbps 48000 Hz
  • Audio Channels: 2 channels
  • RunTime Per Part: 15 @ 60mins
  • Number Of Parts: 15
  • Part Size: 700MB ca

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