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Biography Documentary published by Duke Video in 1998 - English narration

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Image: A-Star-Named-Ayrton-Senna-Cover.jpg

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The memory of Ayrton Senna da Silva, one of the greatest drivers in the history of Formula 1 is still alive, not only for his talent behind the wheel, but the example he left of humility, dedication and integrity. "A Star Named Ayrton Senna" is certainly the most complete tribute to his life, covering his career and memories of his family, childhood friends, rivals and team leaders. In exclusive interviews, Senna reveals, in his own words, his personal values, professional experience, tactics, concerns about the risk of the sport and controversial moments. Friends and people who knew him show another hitherto unknown side of the idol and remembering some of the most unforgettable moments of his career, from karting to Formula 1.

The Official Film of Brazil's greatest Formula One driver, Ayrton Senna, who's sudden death in the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix sent shock waves around the World. It cemented his reputation both within the sport, and his native Brazil, as a legend. The film looks at his life and career using archive footage and featuring revealing interviews with the man, as well as those who knew him well; friends, family and competitors. It also shows how the Ayrton Senna Foundation, set up in his honor, is working to help under privileged and street-bound children in his native Brazil using sport as an incentive to learn.

Directed by award winning documentary filmmaker Ellen Goosenberg Kent.

Reviews :

- This video truely has a lot of personal insights in the life of Ayrton Senna. Vivian Senna talks about Senna when he was a child, his adult life as a racing driver, the difficulties he experienced and the objectives of the Ayrton Senna Foundation. Interviews with close friends, his manager (Julian Jacobi), his cousin and people working at the foundation outline the tremendous character and joyful personality of the great man. While interviews with work collegues/friends (Prost, Alesi, Brundle, Ron Dennis and Jo Ramirez) give an insight into Senna as a driver...The hard working and dedicated life he had devoted himself to. Senna himself talks about many subjects, his life inside and outside of motor racing, death, his most memorable races, the importance of training and health, relaxation, problems and so on, which really gives you an idea of Senna's way of thinking. The video is also packed with coverage of races in F1, F3, FFords, karts and whole laps of in-car footage from Monaco 90, Donnington 93 and Brands Hatch 85. Overall.... A compeling video. Not to be missed by fans of Senna, or people who mis-understood him. This video brings you closer to the phenomena, man, driver and philosopher, that was Ayrton Senna. -

- Just about anyone who is a motor racing enthusiast knows of Ayrton Senna and of his racing accomplishments. Yes, we all know about the 65 record pole positions, 41 Grands Prix victories, rivalries with Prost, Mansell, Piqeut and even Schumacher. But, not many of us really knew the man behind the bright yellow helmet. Some people loved him. Some others loathed him. Senna appeared to be the most controversial and enigmatic driver of his era. For me, this video really uncovers the true personality of the late 3-time world champion. For the first time, viewers will be able to see another side of Senna that isn't visible at the circuit. This tape shows the real human side of Senna; and, I firmly believe that once people have seen this video, they will now see Ayrton Senna as a humanitarian, not just a great Grand Prix driver. -

- This is a fantastic and poignant portrait of Ayrton Senna that will bring back a lot of memories to those who followed his stellar career in Formula One until his tragic death at Imola on May 1, 1994. The film starts with footage of Senna in the cockpit of his Williams right before the start of his last race and then we hear those famous words he spoke at the legendary 90 minute monologue press conference in Japan after yet another clash with Prost: "racing, competing, is in my blood...". Throughout the film we hear a lot of Senna in his own words as well as recollections by his friends and family. A lot of the movie was filmed at Senna's personal retreat in Brasil, the beautfiul Angra. The portrait reveals a lot about Senna as a person, about his motivation, his outlook on life and his goals. It is an intimate look into the psyche of one of the most successful, perfectionist and motivated racing drivers ever. This film is not for those who expect wall-to-wall race footage, it focuses more on giving insight into one of the most enigmatic and sometimes controvial geniuses Formula One racing has ever seen. -

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Video Aspect Ratio: 1.364:1
Frames Per Second: 25.000
Audio Codec: 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Bitrate: 96kb/s CBR 48000 Hz
Audio Streams: 2
Audio Languages: english
RunTime Per Part: 1:51:41
Number Of Parts: 1
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Subtitles: no
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