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Sociopolitical Documentary with no narration published by NHK in 2010 - English language

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In 1960, numerous African countries gained their independence from the European colonial rule. The year is known as "the year of Africa." Now a half-century later -- while many African countries are still gripped by frequent conflicts, widespread corruption, and severe poverty -- economic growth, backed by abundant natural resources and a huge market of 900 million people, is changing Africa. What was once known as the Dark Continent is being transformed into the Continent of Hope. African Dream presents a three-part series revealing the new face of Africa

[edit] Rwanda Pursues a Miracle

Rwanda was rocked by the ethnic massacres and environmental devastation in the 1990s. But during the past several years, the country achieved a phenomenal recovery called the "Rwanda miracle" with an average annual economic growth rate of nearly 10%. This growth was driven by "diaspora," the four million Rwandans who were scattered around the world to escape the chaos in the country. They are now returning to Rwanda, bringing with them wealth, knowledge, and technology. The "diaspora" is not only contributing to generate the country' s economic growth but also trying to achieve ethnic reconciliation. Will these attempts to heal the nation prove successful?

[edit] Power to the People Africas Mineral Corridor

Africa is abundant in natural resources. However, until recently, Africa had just been their provider. Enormous Western capital had taken a major part in extracting, processing these resources, controlling their sales, and successfully reaping most of the huge profits. Now African countries are prepared to take on a larger role. Tanzania is investing its own funds instead of western capital to mine gold. They are using the profits to build a well and other facilities. Meanwhile, Botswana established its first diamond trade center. By being an integral part of the entire process from excavation to marketing, Botswana seeks to develop business which equals that of western capital.

[edit] The Power of Immigrants

South Africa is Africa' s biggest economic power. Holding a key to this economic growth are its emigrants. The South African government introduced an unprecedented program that allows in effect, the free influx of people from neighboring Zimbabwe without a passport. Many of the people who come from Zimbabwe, where the unemployment rate reaches 80%, have received some form of higher education. South Africa welcomes them as a cheap but good-quality workforce. Thus many immigrants from Zimbabwe come to South Africa to seek their "African dream." On the other hand, South Africans whose jobs have been taken away are showing violent reactions against these immigrant workers.

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