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History Documentary hosted by Kinga Philipps and Curt Doussett, published by National Geographic in 2012 - English narration

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America’s Lost Treasures Across America there are forgotten links to our history. Family heirlooms and found objects with unexpected value and amazing stories just waiting to be discovered. Each episode of America’s Lost Treasures will follow our team of two cast members on their quest to find these treasures, uncover their stories, and choose one item that deserves to take its place in a museum. The chosen object each episode will be on loan to the National Geographic Society’s special exhibition of America’s Lost Treasures, and the object owner will receive a $10,000 award.

[edit] Santa Anna

Curt Doussett and Kinga Philipps challenge residents of Orange County, Calif., to come up with their most precious lost treasures at the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art in Santa Ana. Kinga has no problem finding two great prospects: stone bowls that are possibly prehistoric and a sword and pistol from a 19th century sea captain. Curt spies a set of rare Native American baskets in excellent condition from the Owens Valley Paiute Indians, probably made between 1910 to 1940.

[edit] Philadelphia

The next stop for uncovering fascinating American artifacts is our nations first capital: Philadelphia, Pa. Curt and Kinga investigate a letter seal used by Robert Morris, financier of the American revolution, signer of the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution; and an original artists proof of the George Washington engraving used by Alfred Sealy in the first (and subsequent) Washington dollar bill.

[edit] New Orleans

In New Orleans, the city famed for Mardi Gras and Dixieland jazz, Curt Doussett and Kinga Philipps check out personal treasures at The Cabildo. Kinga has found a 19th century steamboat captains chair that she wants to investigate. Curt’s got the Nwarlins music bug once he sees a 1920s clarinet that may have belonged to jazz legend Omer Simeon.To get the full story, he heads to Simeons stomping grounds and takes centre stage at the iconic d.b.a. Jazz Club.

[edit] Milwaukee

Curt Doussett and Kinga Philipps are in Milwaukee, Wis., at the Milwaukee Public Museum, and the Chedderheads here believe they have America’s next lost treasure. Kinga is most excited about 15-foot-wide mosaics of Christopher Columbus made especially for the 1893 Worlds Fair and done in the famous Venetian Murano glass. Lost for more than 60 years, the mosaics may not win the prize now but could be worth over a million dollars!

[edit] Los Angeles

With ancient dinosaur fossils, 1920s C-melody saxophones and antique rifles, Curt Doussett and Kinga Philipps have their hands full at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. It all comes down to a light bulb from the late 1800s, brought by the great-grandson of Thomas Edison’s protge; or a 34-star American flag, made before West Virginia became the 35th state in 1863. Though much of the material in the flag is missing, is it enough to be chosen to be exhibited at National Geographic?

[edit] Kansas City

A revolver owned by Jesse James? An original copy of the Kansas Constitution? A Native American beaded bag from Geronimo? Hosts Curt Doussett and King Philipps may have some amazing Lost Treasures at the historic Union Station in Kansas City Mo., but they must first conduct their investigations to confirm authenticity.

[edit] Burbank

Has the Americas Lost Treasures team confirmed the discovery of a new species? It could be history in the making for Curt Doussett and Kinga Philipps at the Autry National Center in Burbank, Calif. Curt stakes his claim on a dolphin skull found at Sharktooth Hill, a world-famous bone bed. Curts now headed to the L.A. County Museum of Natural History to see if the fossil skull hes discovered is an extraordinary new species of dolphin that has never been seen before.

[edit] Austin

It’s off to the Lone Star State, where hosts Curt Doussett and Kinga Phillipps have invited people from all over Texas to bring their personal artifacts to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. Curt decides to investigate a revolver with a ruby-encrusted grip and ornate engravings, used by a famous Texas Ranger. Kinga picks a hand-tooled, mint condition trophy saddle won by the legendary cowboy Jim Shoulders, known as the Babe Ruth of Rodeo.

[edit] Wilmington Delaware

At the Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, Del., Curt Doussett and Kinga Philipps are discovering amazing treasures that turn out to be worth thousands of dollars. Curt loves the rare, historical significance of Rev. Isaac Leesers silver goblet, which is worth around $80,000. Kinga is thrilled with the fine needlework quality and significance of the schoolgirl needlework sampler, appraised for $25,000. Alas, only one can win!

[edit] Savvannah

At the Savannah History Museum in Georgia, Curt and Kinga uncover much evidence of the city's rich past, including Civil War relics and remnants of the coastline's maritime significance. Among their many adventures, Kinga hits the beach to investigate prehistoric teeth from the largest marine predator ever, the Megalodon shark. Curt sets out to prove that the Lincoln portraits he chooses are original photographs taken by legendary Civil War photojournalist Mathew Brady.

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