Ancestors of Ancient Rome: The Etruscans

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History Documentary hosted by William Hootkins, published by Discovery Channel in 2003 - English narration

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Image: Ancestors-of-Ancient-Rome-The-Etruscans-Cover.jpg

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Relive one of the high points of European civilization in an utterly engrossing look at the Etruscans, whose sophisticated culture laid the foundations for the great Roman Empire. Extraordinary finds in northern Italy reveal the startling story of Europe's original hedonists and first superpower. The fun-loving Etruscans invented two spectator sports: gladiatorial combat and chariot racing. They had an alphabet based on the Greek alphabet, a powerfully original sculptural and painting tradition, a religion based on human-type gods which they had learned from the Greeks, and a complicated set of rituals for divining the future, which they handed down to the Romans. From their territories in modern-day Tuscany, they became the envy of the Mediterranean. They grew wealthy from trade, agriculture and mining, indulged in banqueting and sporting games, created elegant art and jewellery, and built some of Rome's most important landmarks. Yet their origins, and the reason for their dramatic decline, remain a mystery. Find out how this advanced civilization has influenced almost every aspect of Western life as we know it today, in this fascinating film that recreates the glory days of the Etruscans. Directed by Ian Denyer ; A Cicada Film for Discovery Channel and S4C International

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