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Nature Documentary hosted by David Suzuki and published by CBC in 2002 - English narration

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In 2002, Jean Lemire and a team of filmmakers, sailors and scientists undertook a voyage across the Arctic aboard the Sedna IV, the world's first sailing vessel dedicated to filmmaking. Their mission was threefold: study the impact of climate change in the Arctic, film this little-known part of the world and share the magical universe of the Far North with the world.

[edit] The Great Adventure

This film will cover SEDNA's voyage from Montreal to Vancouver via the legendary Northwest Passage, from the excitement of departure, to the technical difficulties, to the rigours of climate during the expedition. But first and foremost, the film will offer a reflection on the impact of climate change in the Arctic. The guiding force behind the voyage will be the adventurers' passion and the meeting of scientists with people living in the North; the film will be a portrait of a constantly evolving situation.
Surrounded by the unmatched beauty of Northern land, sea and skyscapes, director and mission leader Jean Lemire accompanied by Thierry Piantanida will guide us through this great personal and scientific adventure. During the entire voyage, from Atlantic to Pacific, the SEDNA crew will live to the beat of a changing nature, searching for evidence and personal experiences, listening to those on the front lines of a global issue. Travelling in the wake of yesterday's great explorers, they will ask questions about the ecological and human consequences brought about by the changing face of this land of ice.

[edit] People of the Ice

Eschewing the traditional anthropological approach, Carlos is pursuing a personal style in his research based on the idea of Man of the North. In this film, he wants to see with the eyes of those who live in the region and are grappling with environmental, social and cultural upheaval. Their fascinating culture will become the mainspring of the film, allowing viewers to fully understand the significance of recent climate variations. To really grasp the impact of these changes, we must see with the eyes of the Inuit.
An admirer of indigenous peoples, Carlos Ferrand is attuned to the differences that make them unique. His intimate, personalized work with the people of the North promises to provide a unique perspective on their particularities and their concerns for the future.

[edit] Washed Away

Patricio wants to connect with people in the North and the South who are fighting for survival. Faced with a truly planetary phenomenon, all humans are equal; there are no borders. Patricio's social and political analysis of the situation is also intended to expose certain attitudes held by our leaders.
The film will take a critical, humanist approach, examining the expected social and geopolitical consequences of global warming if the process is not nipped in the bud. It will look at the future and the long-term projections of scientists who have expressed concern about the future of our planet if we do not change our ways. A film that will encourage reflection and make each and every one of us question our daily actions.

[edit] Climate on the Edge

Alain Belhumeur is responsible for presenting the climate machine in a global and historical context and for showing that the planet has experienced climate variations throughout its history. Since the publication of the much-vaunted IPCC reports and the establishment of a scientific consensus on global warming, the media has tended to present the issue as one disaster after another, failing to provide the explanations needed for the public to properly understand it. The scientific community is also divided on the question. Debate is heating up and the various perspectives must be placed in context.

[edit] Lords of the Arctic

This film focuses on Northern wildlife and its close and tragic relation to climate change, which affects all of the Arctic's fragile ecosystems. The example of the polar bear, studied by biologists for the past 20 years, is revealing. Scientists are also concerned about the precarious situation of bowhead whales and belugas, not to mention seals, walruses and many species of birds. Are the lords of the Arctic in danger of ending their reign over their kingdom of ice and snow?

[edit] Extras

In the making: The making of Arctic Mission
Carlos Ferrand: L'Aventure - Mission Arctique
Islet: animated short

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  • Video Codec: XviD 1.02
  • Video Bitrate: 2550 Kbits ABR
  • Video Resolution: 7 @ 704x400, 1 @ 640x400
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 1.76
  • Audio Codec: AC3
  • Audio BitRate: 448 Kbits CBR / 48 KHz 16bit
  • Audio Channels: 6
  • Subtitles: Parts 1, 6 and 7 only. (english).
  • RunTime Per Part: 1:29:37, 52:02, 52:02, 52:02, 52:02, 52:02, 25:19, 7:04
  • Number Of Parts: 8
  • Source: NTSC DVD
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