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[edit] Installing AGK

  • Step 2: Install AGK
Note: some older standalone divx-players benefit from the ess-based standalone compatibility option, mine included. It's nothing earthshattering though, so don't worry if you didn't tick this box when installing.
Everything else you can leave as default.

[edit] Encoding

  • Step 1

* in A you select your source file - this can be an .mpg, a .vob or an .avi
* in B you set the filesize. AGK is pretty good at delivering the size set here.
Suggested filesizes (check result to see if they were good):
45 min - 560MB
60 min - 747MB
90 min - 1122MB
120 min - 1494MB
* when you press C the following dialog comes up:
* Set the Fixed Width to 640, 656, 672, 688, 704, or 720 - 672,688,704 are the most common.
* Set the audio option: If you've ripped a real DVD, you can leave the original AC3 - look at the Audio section of the main screen what the audio is like. If the audio section shows MPEG Audio or DTS, select VBR MP3, and use an appropriate bitrate (128 or 144 for normal docs with talking, 160 or 192 for music related.
* Press OK
* Back on the main screen, click on Add Job, and Start will become clickable. You can add more jobs, or just press Start.

[edit] Notes

AGK automatically crops the black bars from the sides, and then decides how it needs to resize, to make it fit 4:3 or 16:9 fullscreen or widescreen, so you don't have to do anything to crop.

For extra options, you can type Ctrl+F9 - but those are better left alone for a while. An example of the extra options is a manual forced crop, for instance when the autocrop leaves black areas because of a station logo or something. but always let it autocrop first.

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