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[edit] General Information

History Documentary hosted by Robert Hardy, published by Discovery Channel in 1997 - English narration

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[edit] Information

Throughout history, man has been fascinated by the concept of ghosts – with sightings reported back in ancient times. This series investigates the myths of ghosts associated with various castles throughout the British Isles. From the London Tower to stately Fyvie Castle, ghosts lurk in the halls of history. Myths, legends, and tragedies surrounding these sites are explored in a series of episodes chronicling the history of haunted castles. In Castle Ghosts, visit castles in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, all thought to be haunted. And learn the fascinating stories of each castle.

[edit] Castle Ghosts of England

England is described as "the isle of spirits", the most haunted place on earth. Explore the haunted castles of England and investigate the myths of the ghosts that inhabit them. Castles investigated include Sudley Castle, Muncaster Castle, and the Tower of London.

[edit] Castle Ghosts of Scotland

Scotland has a turbulent past, filled with bloody feuds, heroic deeds and dark treachery. Scottish castles bore witness to much of this violent history, and it is in the energies of Scotland's three most haunted castles, Glamis Castle with its ghostly hauntings, Duntrune Castle with the Phantom Piper, and Fyvie Castle with the Green Lady, that so many of the country's spirits live on.

[edit] Castle Ghosts of Wales

The castles of Wales have been the settings for countless bloody feuds, foul murders, and dastardly deeds. Today, lingering still in the mountains and the valleys are the tormented spirits of the victims, as Castle Ghosts of Wales takes us on a tour of these most haunted places. Re-enactments tell the stories of these tormented souls. Featuring Carew Castle, Gwydir Castle, and St. Donat's Castle

[edit] Castle Ghosts of Ireland

Ireland, the land of saints and scholars, of poets and fairies, is also a country of legends and myths. Castle Ghosts of Ireland is a journey to this land rich in mystery and ancient lore, exploring the eerie halls of Leap Castle, Castle Leslie, Huntington Castle, Glin Castle and Castle Matrix, where a history of the supernatural and an aura of mysticism abound. Take a journey rich in mystery and ancient lore, where wailing banshees are heard and ghosts do good and evil. Visit castles haunted by a silver hoofed horse, a red lady, a wandering monk, and a headless ghost.

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