Crimes That Shook Britain Series 1

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Health-Medical Documentary hosted by Tom Roberts, published by History Channel in 2010 - English narration

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Crimes That Shook Britain Series 1 Crimes That Shook Britain investigate some of the country’s most terrible murders through the eyes of people who suffered at the heart of the crime. Together with reconstructions, key interviews and archive material these programmes examine the crime and the criminal, revealing how the fall-out from the cases led to significant changes in British law.

[edit] Beverly Allitt

In 1991 newly qualified nurse, Beverley Allitt, carried out despicable crimes. Instead of caring for children on her ward, she was murdering them. In 1993 after months of detective work she was convicted of killing four children and severely injuring a further nine. To most parents and colleagues she appeared helpful and friendly. But once left alone with the patients she murdered babies and children through fatal injections or suffocation. Child after child was collapsing on the ward but none of the staff could understand why. Her wicked crimes were eventually uncovered after blood tests on some of the patients. Allitt's devastating crimes will be told through personal accounts in this documentary. David Crampton's son, Paul, was attacked three times by Allitt. The insulin levels in his blood were so high; the machine could not give a reading. Alan Davidson's son, Michael, was attacked by Allitt after coming onto the ward from a gun shot wound. Dr Nanayakkara was as a consultant on the ward. He worked beside Allitt and never suspected her evil ways. His actions thankfully saved some of her victims.

[edit] The Hungerford Massacre

On the 19th August 1987 the sleepy town on Hungerford in the UK was changed forever. A lone gun man, Michael Ryan, opened fire on villagers killing sixteen people and injuring a further fifteen. Known locally as a quite, reserved young man the devastation was one of the largest crimes to hit Britain. It took Police hours to contain him as he randomly fired at neighbours through the picturesque streets. His reign of terror eventually came to a head in his local school. Ryan barricaded himself in and ended his life taking his motive to the grave with him. This documentary tells of that chilling day through the eyes of people at the centre of the tragedy. Alison Chapman was a young girl who got shot by Ryan. The crazed gun man opened fire on Alison and her mum as they were travelling in their car. Doctors had to battle for hours to save their lives. Carl Harries risked his life to run through the streets saving victims in Ryan's wake. His actions were recognised with a Queens Bravery Award.

[edit] Harold Shipman

Dr Harold Shipman is one of the World's biggest serial killers. In 2000 he was convicted of murdering 215 patients by lethal injection. For over 20 years this general practitioner worked under the guise of a kind, caring man of the community. Whilst fooling his family, colleagues and patients he preyed on those who trusted them the most and killed them with an injection of diamorphine. Such a trusted pillar of the community, Shipman, went unquestioned for years killing men and women in the small town of Hyde, in the UK. His cover was eventually blown when he tried to forge one victims will. The true devastation unravelled revealing the doctor to be one of the world's biggest single serial killers of all time. Shipman never revealed his motive and committed suicide in prison in 2004. This film documents Shipman's horrendous crimes told by the people who were affected by his crimes. Danny Mellor's mother was murdered by the GP. Danny and other relatives were shocked. She was in good health just days before. Lesley Creasey's Auntie was killed by Shipman after a routine visit to her house. She appeared fit and well to neighbours just hours before. Dr Raj Patel worked across the road from Shipman countersigning death certificates for years. His detective work along with his colleagues helped bring the murderer to justice. Debbie Massey is an undertaker who worked with Shipman. Her suspicions helped to raise the alarm.

[edit] Stephanie Slater

In 1992, 25-year-old Stephanie Slater was abducted from an empty house and held for eight torturous days in a make shift coffin. Her captor was a crazed one legged man, Michael Sams. His intention was to hold her for ransom. Stephanie endured painful days and nights in the back of his grubby workshop. She was raped, tortured and made to lie in a bin for up to 23 hours a day. Her ordeal finally came to a head when Sams carried out his elaborate plot and received 175,000 pounds ransom. Police eventually tracked him down and brought him to justice. Some of the money has never been recovered. Stephanie's terrifying account is told in gripping detail in this film. Her ordeal went down in history as the first ransom demand in the UK where the hostage was released.

[edit] The Russell Murders

In 1996 two girls and their mother were brutally attacked in the English countryside of Kent. Local loner, Michael Stone, carried out a brutal and frenzied hammer attack on the family and left them for dead. Lin and six year old Megan died from their injuries. Against all odds, eldest daughter, Josie, made a remarkable recovery. This horrific attack struck a cord with the nation. Three females walking down a country lane on their way home from school subjected to a relentless unprovoked assault. This devastating crime is told through the eyes of those closest to the tragedy, in particular, father and husband, Shaun Russell, who opens his heart about the tragic loss of his family.

[edit] Sarah Payne

In 2000, eight year old Sarah Payne vanished whilst playing in a field near her grandparent's home. For seventeen days the police launched one of the biggest hunts in the UK to find the little girl. Sadly, on the 17th July her body was found over ten miles away in a field. An already convicted paedophile, Roy Whiting, had taken her life. In this heartbreaking film, Sarah's mum, Sara, relives that tragic day her daughter went missing. She recounts the horror and the agonising days that unfolded. Sara also talks about her fight to change the system in the UK in a bid to protect children in the future. Her campaign for Sarah's Law has gone on to alter many pieces of legislation

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