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[edit] General Information

Sociopolitical Documentary narrated by Terrence McKenna and published by CBC broadcasted as part of CBC Our World series in 2007 - English narration

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Image: Cuba-after-Castro-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

A documentary by one of the CBC's outstanding investigative journalists. Terrence McKenna has long excelled at complex and powerful stories about history and political leadership. So no one better to bring us a portrait of Cuba, a country on the brink of historic change. The Island and the Dictator have been politically married for so long it's hard to even imagine a Cuba without Fidel Castro.

It is hard to believe that his era, starting in 1959, predated much of what we regard as modern: manned space flights, personal computers, microwaves, even color television. His one party rule has not only outlasted the Cold War, but also seven American presidents who worked for the Castro regime's downfall. Well, all things end, and for months we've seen mounting reports that Castro faces imminent death.

Last summer he handed power over temporarily to his brother and chosen successor, Raul, the rather shadowy, retiring bureaucrat who has worked alongside Fidel from the beginning. But as the Fidel Castro era ends, what comes next? The change will be profound for Cuba, Latin America, and the broader world. What do we know of Raul, and of his political leadership over his Party? Terrence McKenna brings us this profile of brother Raul, and a compelling look at what may lie ahead for Cuba.

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Image: Cuba-after-Castro-Screen0.jpg Image: Cuba-after-Castro-Screen1.jpg

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