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[edit] General Information

History Documentary published by BBC in 2003 - English narration

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Through dramatic reconstructions, eye-witness accounts and archive footage, each episode in the Days That Shook the World TV series pieces together the thrilling stories of the landmarks of our time; the moments in history - human tragedies, scientific breakthroughs and calamitous events – that have profoundly affected the way the world thinks and acts.

[edit] The assasination of JFK and the resignation of Nixon

There was no warning. No one could predict the biggest shocks on american land on the XX-th century: The assasination af the youngest American president, John F. Kennedy, and the disgrace and resignation of Richard Milhous Nixon.

[edit] The assasination of reverend Martin Luther King and the release of Nelson Mandela

During the second hald of the XXth century, two men represented the fight for equal rights.Two intelectuals and determined fighters of race opressions, who were ready to risc their lives for their causes.

[edit] Terror - Made in America: Assassination of Abraham Lincoln & Oklahoma City Bombing

Separated by 100 years, two extremists tried to destroy the democratic foundations and freedoms in America. In Washington, it was a single man: president Abraham Lincoln. In Oklahoma City, one bomb will kill and maim hundreds of people.

[edit] Attack on Pearl Harbor

It will allways be remembered in infamy. Without any warning, the japanese bombers spread terror on a sunday morning, in Hawaii. Although it lasted only 2 hours, the attack on Pearl Harbour drew the United States in the war, making America a global superpower.

[edit] Hiroshima

The atomic bomb launched on Hiroshima was the first of its kind being used in an armed conflict. Following this attack and the one at Nagasaki, Japan capitulated, and the second World War was ended.

[edit] Six days in June

Middle East. Craddle of some of the world's oldest civilisations and scene of one of the world's longest and bloodiest conflicts. The roots of this fight are seen in one of the most spectacular and devastating wars of the XXth century. A war that will change Middle East, and the world, forever.

[edit] The Wright Brother's first flight and the Moon landing

Man's dream to fly is one of the oldest dreams. Two days are of utmost importance. First motorised flight of the Wright brothers and the journey that ultimately put men on the Moon's surface.

[edit] Chuck Yeager and Blue Bird

Chuck Yeager was one of the top American pilots. He was the first to break the sound barrier. 20 years later, after 64 days of tests, Donald Campbell managed to beat the world speed record on water, with 300 miles/hour.

[edit] Reach for the Stars: Galileo's Trial and Yuri Gagarin's flight

The history of science is a history of conquests. Conquests of minds and human nature. On 12 april 1961, Yuri Gagarin will travel beyond Earth for the first time. A step that could not have been possible without Galileo Galilei's sacrifice.

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