Deep Sea Expedition - Searching for Life's Origin

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Science Documentary published by NHK in 2011 - English language

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Image: Deep-Sea-Expedition-Searching-for-Life-s-Origin-Cover.jpg

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When and where was the first life on Earth born? A large study was recently launched to solve this greatest mystery of biology. Scientists are focusing on the deep seas at depths exceeding 1,000 meters. On the deep ocean floor, hydrothermal vents spew out seething water at temperatures over 300 degrees Celsius. It is believed that this environment is almost the same as the one in which life began four billion years ago. Scientists speculate that ancient life forms still exist under the ocean floor. An international research project led by Japan and the United States recently excavated sediment from hydrothermal vents for the first time with the Japanese deep-sea drilling vessel Chikyu, the most advanced in the world. This program dives deep into the mystery of the origin of life on Earth.

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