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War Documentary hosted by Brad Lavelle and Monte Markham and Michael Carrol, published by History Channel in 2006 - English narration

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Explore the true stories behind some of the most incredible undercover military operations. The world's security and safety depend on the top-secret agents who carry out undercover operations. Those operations are one of the most dangerous and challenging types of investigations which require much tactical preparedness and close continuing assessment during the operation. From disclosing the truth behind covert operations, to exposing some of the world's most infamous spies, this action-packed collection features the most fascinating espionage stories ever told. Deep Undercover is looking some of the most daring undercover operations ever carried out. It will take you behind enemy lines with an elite special forces unit engaging in covert warfare, classified operations, and explosive conflicts across the globe. Featuring dramatic reconstructions intercut with expert interviews, archive footage and CGI, this powerful collection takes you deep undercover to relive some of the most daring covert operations of all time, revealing the back stories to missions from The FBI to the CIA's Secret airline to Traitors Within and much more.

[edit] Traitors Within

1985 was a devastating year for American Intelligence. In this one year alone, four high profile cases rattled four different agencies; Robert Miller was exposed within the FBI, John Walker formed a spy ring while in the Navy, Edward Howard Lee, a spy with the CIA defected to the Soviet Union, and Ronald Pelton, who had been an employee with the ultra secretive National Security Agency was uncovered.
However, the accomplishments of these traitors paled into insignificance beside those of Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen. Aldrich was an expert at the CIA who inadvertently spied for the Soviet Union for nine years before finally being caught in 1994. During this period Ames gave up thousands of top-secret documents and also the lives of twelve Russians who had volunteered to spy for the United States! The second spy profiles at length is Robert Hanssen, a Soviet analyst with the FBI and perhaps the most damaging, enigmatic and brilliant spy in all of American history. Captured in February 2001 and now serving a life sentence without parole, Hanssen is described by intelligence insiders to have come about as close as you can get to being "the perfect spy".
Filled with interviews with top experts, former agents and highly placed analysts, "Traitors Within" details all six aforementioned cases, showing how security was breached, how the perpetrators were able to get away with what they did and how they were ultimately caught.

[edit] We Can Make You Talk

Ever since images of prisoners at Guantanamo bay were first broadcast around the world, the methods used to interrogate suspects in the War on Terror have come under the spotlight. In this riveting, feature length expose, "We Can Make You Talk" blends documentary and live-action demonstration to chronicle the development of interrogation techniques and shows how suspects surrender information.
"We Can Make You Talk" features in-depth interviews with a host of experts, including Richard Sonnenfeldt, who helped interrogate the Nuremburg suspects after the Second World War, former KGB Investigators Mikhail Trepashkin and Alexander Zagvozdin, and Paul Garbler, the former CIA Station Chief in Moscow. The live demonstrations feature volunteers from the elite survival, evasion, resistance and escape school being interrogated by top agents who have 48 hours to reconstruct the details of a scheme that none of the subjects know in totality.
This programme is a riveting look at the sophisticated blend of physical and psychological tools that comprise the tricks of this unusual trade.

[edit] Inside the FBI

This programme sees Joan Lunden go behind closed doors at one of the most powerful and controversial law enforcement agencies in the world, the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Lunden takes the viewer on a journey to one of the toughest FBI offices in the country to see how the pros handle espionage, terrorism, the mob and drugs, while also affording the viewer an insight into the inner workings of the "intelligence division", the "criminal investigation division" and the "counter terrorism division" in this fascinating and insightful documentary.
"Inside The FBI" also gives the viewer an opportunity to experience life in the FBI Crime Lab, a place that brings science and crime solving together. Joan gets a rare look at the FBI academy, where people train to become agents, learns defensive driving, is taught how to handcuff a suspect, and gets some firearms training by the best in the business.

[edit] Air America: The CIA's Secret Airline

One of the most enduring and bitter images of the final days of the Vietnam War is of a group of desperate refugees on a Saigon rooftop scrambling to board one of the last helicopters out of Vietnam. But unknown to most, even today, is that the chopper was not part of the U.S. military. It belonged to a unique civilian airline called Air America that was secretly owned and operated by the CIA.
From its origins as an outgrowth of the legendary Flying Tigers of World War II to its role as the main source of aerial support during the war in Vietnam, Air America was a cornerstone of U.S policy in southeast Asia for nearly a quarter of a century.
The pilots who flew for Air America were the best of the best, a unique fraternity of professional aviators who were routinely called upon to perform the kind of flying that was beyond the capabilities of most pilots. This fascinating program affords the viewer a unique insight into the legacy of this secret airline.

[edit] Top Secret Missions of the CIA: Bodysnatch and the War that Never Was

Top Secret Missions of The CIA: Bodysnatch In the 1990's, as the communist block began to crumble, the CIA found itself facing a new and insidious enemy. . . terrorism. Unlike the Soviet Union, the agency's longtime adversary, terrorist groups were unpredictable, but were just as deadly. In June 1985, the Hezbollah hijacked TWA flight 847 and executed an American serviceman in cold blood. Later that year the Palestine Liberation Front hijacked an Italian Cruise ship and viciously executed an elderly American on vacation with his wife. The war on terror had begun and an angry President Regan wanted something done. The CIA duly appointed Duane Clarridge as director of the newly formed 'Counter Terrorist Center'. Immediately Clarridge went on the offensive, vowing to bring these terrorists to justice for their heinous crimes. Top Secret Missions of The CIA: The War That Never Was In the late 1950s, a wave of communism swept across southeast Asia. Backed by 'red' China, North Vietnamese insurgents infiltrated Laos and threatened to overthrow the government. The American government worried that if Laos fell, it would open the way for communist domination of the region. Subsequently Eisenhower called on the CIA for help. The CIA in turn appointed Bill Lair in charge of the difficult task of stopping the Vietnamese insurgence into politically unstable Laos. Since it would have been considered an act of war to put troops into 'neutral' Laos, Lair came up with a plan to let the US be "hands on", while appearing to be "hands off". Operation Momentum was thus put into action, a covert mission to arm and train mountain tribesman in Laos to battle communist infiltration.

[edit] Top Secret Missions of the CIA: Operation Puma

At the entrance of the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia, a marble wall commands the attention of those who pass by. On its stark white surface there are seventy black stars, each of them designates someone who has died in the line of duty. There are no names under these stars, their identities are a closely guarded secret.
"Top Secret missions of the CIA: Operation Puma" is the astonishing story of a top secret CIA mission that was officially denied for 37 years. Alabama Air National Guard pilot Thomas Ray, had trained Cuban exiles for the CIA, in preparation for an overthrow attempt against Fidel Castro. Ray was subsequently gunned down while providing air support during the ill fated Bay of Pigs invasion.
In May 1998, after almost thirty years of silence, the CIA chose to honour Ray's heroism by revealing a name beneath his star, this is the story of Thomas Ray.

[edit] Behind Iraqi Lines

"Behind Iraqi Lines" tells the story of one of the most extraordinary operations in modern military history. The story of Britain's elite Special Air Service and their harrowing ordeal during the weeks before the Gulf War.
Four days after the first SCUD missiles fell on Israel and weeks before the official start of the Gulf War, 8 members of Britain's SAS entered Iraq in secret. Their mission was to find and destroy the source of the missiles that were being fired at Israel, a situation that had many fearing that Israel would retaliate with nuclear weapons.
But the operation went spectacularly wrong, the SAS force was discovered and attacked. Some of the men were killed while others tried to escape by walking 200 miles across the Iraqi desert. Essentially abandoned, the men were left to fend for themselves, deep inside Iraq.
For the first time, retired USAF General Charles Horner reveals why the men of the Bravo Two Zero Patrol were sent on their perilous mission, and surviving members of the team, Cpl. Chris Ryan and Sgt. Andy McNabb, recall their harrowing ordeal.

[edit] The Complete History of the Green Berets

A breed apart, a highly skilled and superbly trained soldier, the Green Beret is unquestionably one of the world's warfare experts. Trained to train others, this fighter of unparalleled physical and mental caliber is a soldier ready to serve anywhere at any time.
The roots of this fighting force can be traced back to the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. A specialised group within the United States Army possessing exceptional intelligence, extremely high levels of physical and mental strength, and, very importantly, the ability to speak foreign languages. These attributes mark the Green Berets out from the rest and allow them to perform missions impossible for conventional units.
"The Complete History of the Green Berets" will explore the history and traditions of this elite group of soldiers; paying particular attention to who they are, where they come from, what they do, and how they do it. From World War II to the war in Vietnam and onto present day, Green Berets remain among the elite of the world’s Special Operation Forces.

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