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Science Documentary hosted by Salvatore Vecchio and published by National Geographic in 2007 - English narration

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Image: Dino-Death-Trap-Cover.jpg

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In Dino Death Trap head deep into China's Junggar Basin where palaeontologists have uncovered the remains of dinosaurs previously unknown to science in a discovery which could reveal the secrets of dinosaur evolution. While in Dino Autopsy we get under the skin of a dinosaur with exclusive access to the excavation of one of the most intact dinosaur mummies ever found.

In Dino Death Trap, an extraordinary dinosaur find follows a team of palaeontologists in western China as they unearth a virtual black hole in dinosaur evolution. Led by Dr James Clark of George Washington University and Dr Xu Xing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the team uncovers hundreds of exceptionally preserved dinosaur fossils, including new species that were astonishingly found stacked on top of one another in pits of death in the dry and desolate Junggar Basin. Preserved for 160 million years, a total of 400 specimens and around 40 different species, including bizarre ancestors of the T-Rex and the triceratops and an ancient crocodilian, were discovered in the pits. The scientists believe they may even have found the elusive ‘missing link’ in the middle Jurassic, when dinosaur evolution went wild. Watch in awe as the amazing creatures are digitally brought back to life and we probe the mystery of how these dinosaurs lived and died.

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