Egyptian Secrets of the Afterlife

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[edit] General Information

History Documentary hosted by Hakeem Kae-Kazim and published by National Geographic in 2009 - English narration

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Image: Egyptian-Secrets-of-the-Afterlife-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Egyptian Secrets of the Afterlife Release Date: September 22, 2009 To the ancient Egyptians, life after death was a high-stakes underworld journey fraught with terrifying obstacles: fiery lakes of death, battles with bona fide monsters, and ultimately eternal death or resurrection with the sun. It’s a journey each Egyptian believed was real, and for the pharaoh the stakes were even higher—the entire cosmos depended on the king’s successful journey and resurrection. New excavations are revealing more than we’ve ever known about what the Egyptians believed they would encounter on their afterlife journey. Now, world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass is excavating a mysterious tunnel at the very bottom of Seti’s tomb—far below the surface of the earth. Join National Geographic on a true Indiana Jones-style quest in which Dr. Hawass will put his own life in jeopardy for the sake of discovery.

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  • Video Codec: XviD
  • Video Bitrate: 1756 kbps
  • Video Resolution: 704x400
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 1.76
  • Frames per Second: 29
  • Audio Codec: (Dolby AC3)
  • Audio Bitrate: 192 kb/s 48000 Hz
  • Audio Languages: English
  • RunTime Per Part: 50mins
  • Part Size: 700MBs
  • Number of Parts: 1
  • Subtitles: English
  • Ripped by: artistharry
  • Source: DVD

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