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Warning: The following tutorial on how to use emule is rather lengthy as I wanted it to be complete. That doesn't mean ed2k is in any way more difficult than BitTorrent because I could write an equally long tutorial on BT covering all details. Moreover I made this extensive tutorial because I couldn't find any "good" ones on the net to cover most subjects.

These advices and configurations pretty much reflect my own setup which imho is the best ;). Anyways you might need/want to apply changes to reflect your configuration.

For detailed explanations on all features check the [MorphXT Wiki] and the [official MorphXT FAQ]

Let's start with the basic


[edit] Optaining Emule and installing

Get the latest version of Emulemorph Mod at [Sourceforge]

You will get some zip file, that means emule does not need to be installed (Registry-stuff and such is not needed). Emule stores all configuration in several config files in the conf subdirectory. So just unzip the file to your program files folder

As from the way ed2k works, by downloading 9MB chunks of each file and putting them together as the last one is recieved successfully this means a high portion of fragmentation to your harddisk. To avoid this fragmentation slowing down everything I created a 10GB (5 should be ok) Partition for emule to use as temporary download drive for chunks. The standard folder for downloading these chunks is emule\temp and once a file is finished it is moved to emule\incoming by default.

So as my M: Drive is meant for downloading the chunks I changed these defaults to M:\temp and c:\incoming

Remeber that placing temp and incoming on different drives might cause sudden slowdown of your system when a file is finished and moved over, especially on DVD images ;)

But back to the configuration of emule.

[edit] Configuration Wizard

Once you start emule a configuration Wizard will popup and help you in setting up the most important settings.

Your Username should be your usual Nickname followed by the [MVGroup] tag, which will be explained later on. Every setting not mentioned can be set at free will.

The Port settings can be a bit pain in the ass especially when your connected through a router. Routers usually support port forwarding which should be enabled for the appropiate ports entered in the emule config. People running a linux router should know how to setup iptables right... For more connection troubles check [here]

The Networks you want to use are ed2k (traditional) and Kademlia, which is another sever-less p2p network to work with ed2k clients.

Obfuscated connections to servers are usually a good idea.

If you disable Show more controls many of the following options might not be visible.

So much for the wizard.

[edit] Configuration

Now clicking on options will result in a window with zoundillions of configuration options. I'll go through them one by one if of any importance.

Note:Some options may be hidden, when Options->Advanced options->extended->show more controls is disabled

[edit] General Options

[edit] General

[edit] Enable online signature

This is VERY important and has to be switched on. The online signature will allow other clients to remember you by a unique ID and that way account your credits, as uploaders are always payed back first on ed2k.

This means: The faster and more you upload, the faster you will be downloading.

Do not wonder why your downloads start immediately, because ed2k is an inert network. Your download might not change for a few hour and the initial download speed might be very slow. If this is too bad for you, better stick with dead torrents instead. The trick is, to do a multitude of downloads at the same time, so each might be slow, but the total download speed is acceptable. Be asured that you will never download any faster than you upload.

[edit] Invisible Mode

This is merely for running emule invisibly on a machine which only makes sense if it's a computer at work or somewhere you don't want the emule icon to be visible. We don't need it most times

[edit] Ed2k Links

This will associate ed2k:// style links on webpages (like this one) with emule so you simply click the link and it will be added to the emule queue.
If greyed out the links are already taken by emule.

[edit] Display

[edit] Connection

[edit] Capacities

Values entered here should represent your maximum transfer speeds declared by your ISP. These values are mainly used to statistics and some displaying stuff

[edit] Limits

This sets you maximum download/upload speed limit. The actual formula is 1kb/s upload will result in 3kb/s down. If you set your upload to 10kb/s or more the download rate is unlinked. Usually there's no reason to restrict upload anyways B)

[edit] Clientport

That was mentioned earlier. Now you can also set it to a random port inside a range. Your router MUST be able to map entire portranges to the PC running emule else it will not work and you better stick with one fixed port. If you are using some firewall make sure emule has free access. If you are using the builtin WinXP sp2 firewall you will get additionl setup features later.

[edit] Max Sources/File & Connection limits

should not be changed

[edit] Server

[edit] Remove dead servers

5 is a good value, too low might get your serverlist to be emptied very fast, too high will it get very crowded

[edit] Autoupdate Server list at startup

will retrieve a server list from know webpages. You can try this list[[1]]

[edit] Update Serverlist when connecting to a server

As the servers have their own kind of network you usually get a list of other servers whenever you connect to one server he will tell you about others. You can use this option without problems if you only connect to static servers.

[edit] Update serverlist when client connects

Same as above.

[edit] Use smart lowID check on connect

When connecting to a server you're usually assigned an ID. In case your network setup is kinda weird or wrongly configured you get a LowID, which means the server wasn't able to connect to the ports you set up in Clientports in the Connections settings. A lowID will result in VERY sluggish downloads if ever as you have to exchange all information over the server and therefore you have to try to get a HighID. Usually a lowID shows networking problems which also make Kademlia suffer.

[edit] Autoconnect to servers in static list only

With the auto-update options mentioned above enabled, this should also be enabled. This way you can rightclick on your favourite servers in your server list and add them to the static list.

[edit] Directories

This is pretty self-explanatory. Here you can set your directory for temporary files to some dedicated partition to avoid fragmentation.
Whenever you add a directory to your shared dirs, emule will hash all files in these directories once, which will result in medium traffic on that drive as emule calculates the checksum which is also used for the ed2k-links.

[edit] Files

[edit] Add files to download in paused mode

Usually a good idea so you can enable them later manually or are automatically started when another file finishes. Also saves you from high cpu and drive load when you miss-click somewhere ;)

[edit] Add files with autopriority

These two options should be enabled to save you quite some work.

[edit] Cleanup Filenames

I like this option

[edit] Try to download preview chunks first

Usually to preview a movie file you need the first and the last part of the file. Once you optained the chunks carrying this information, emule is able to build a short preview of the file so you can check the quality, language and so on. Enabled

[edit] Start next paused file when a file completes

This makes sense, but only in the same category

[edit] Video Player

If you select the VideoLAN VLC.exe here, you should get the best results for previews. With VLC you don't need to create backups before previewing.

[edit] Notifications

[edit] Messages and Comments

I use the following filter for messages against spammers

Your client has an infinite queue|AUTOMATED|credits|l33cher|Priscilla|zambor|eMule FX|DI-Emule|leecher|fastest

and also have the advanced spam filter enabled

My filters for file comments are


[edit] Security

[edit] IP Filter

Remembering our friends at the MPAA and such this is generally a good idea. You can enter a peerguardian blocklist through a webpage: [emulepawcio] is the one I use. Simply enter the url and click load. Filterlevel at 127 is ok.

However this is a bit superfluous if you have PeerGuardian running as well, which is recommended to do.

[edit] See my shared files

Friends only at best! Making it public to everyone is a severe security risk

[edit] Protocol Obfuscation

This does not encrypt your ed2k usage in any way. It only helps to avoid traffic shaping by your ISP by circumventing firewalls that will look for typical ed2k patterns. If you experience such slowdowns, this option might help.

[edit] Advanced Options

[edit] Proxy

If you got one, you probably know what to enter.

[edit] IRC

Using emule enables you to access the MVGroup irc channel to actively chat with others there. A VERY IMPORTANT Feature :D

  • Server is irc.station51.net
  • Nick should be obvious
  • Channel list is not needed
  • Perfom can be used with
/join #mvgroup
  • Connect to Help channel should be turned off

Everything else at free will. The Channel to join is #MVGroup

[edit] Statistics

[edit] Scheduler

A nice idea is to schedule a reload ever night if your are downloading from other sources (BT) to your emule shares folder.

[edit] Web Interface

[edit] Extended

Loads of options here. Most should only be used if you know what they mean, else just leave them.

[edit] PreviewSmallBlocks

This is usefull if you selected VLC as your prefered previewer.

[edit] Mod Options

[edit] Backup

Usually a good idea to use Auto-Backup as I had some issues emule losing all shared file hashes and then rehashing 500GB of data again

[edit] Morph

[edit] Smart A4AF Control

A4Af means 'Asked for Another File'. As you can only request one file from another user at a time, be he has several files you're downloading right now these settings will handle this limitation according to your settings.

[edit] Morph Share

Some good options are selective chunk sharing and share only the need

Also Powershare for files with limited number of full sources is a good idea. Auto should be ok.

[edit] Morph Update

Here you can set eMule to auto-update block and fake lists automatically. A good IPfilter can be obtained from http://www.bluetack.co.uk/config/nipfilter.dat.gz

However, with PeerGuardian this is redundant.

[edit] Morph Share

[edit] Eastshare

is another Mod of the original Emule client and Morph incorporates several nice options from it. The Credit System determines the algorithm used to calculate the user score which determines how fast a user will advance in queue respective to the amount he has sent you already. You might either want to use the official or the lovelace algorithm.

The Fair Play option is also good idea, as it prioritizes to share those files you recently downloaded.

[edit] emulEspaña

[edit] User Interface


[edit] Kad

The first actual Tab, next to the Connect/Disconnect Button is the Kademlia Tab. Here you get a lot of useless information about the Kad Network. Nobody needs to know what exactly happens here.

[edit] Servers

The Serverinfo-tab at the bottom usually contains some unimportant spam by the servers provider.

The Log-Tab contains a lot of information of which sometimes it is important

For a first list of good servers you can Update server-met from URL by using this URL


The My Info-Box holds more important information to us and should look somewhat like this on the right

ed2k Network should have a HighID and Kad Network should be in Open status.

[edit] Transfers

Transfers Tab shows all your concurrent downloads and queued files Image:ed2ktransfers.jpg

Let's explain this from top to bottom:

  • First you got 5 Buttons to change through different views. Simply choose the one most comfortable to you.
  • Next is the Categories tab which allows you to sort your downloading/queued files in certain categories associated with different settings, like final download-directory and such. You can add another Category by right-clicking on default
  • For the files you can choose several visible information rows through the rightclick menu on the top bar. Most Information is imho useless, except the ones you can see above :D
  • The Progress Bar should be your best friend.It's color tells you all you need to know about a file:
    • Red means no sources or paused
    • The more sources available the darker the blue gets. -> deep blue = good!
      So if you see a red block next to a very dark blue one you can be sure that this file hasn't seen a complete source for a long time and is very probably dead.
      Don't bother to download them, though you can still try and hope it to become blue.
    • Black is already downloaded.
    • Yellow is currently downloaded chunk.
  • When you doubleclick on a file a list of users will expand who have this file (in case your file is not on pause/stopped).
  • The Number in the Status row tells you your position the the other users Queue and should steadily decline until it's your turn.
  • As you can only request on file at a time from one user it's not very smart to download a block of files linked together (like a complete series, etc) all at once as a user having the complete set will only send you one file at a time.

[edit] Search


Most options should be pretty obvious, so I'll just mention a few. Complete Sources can be handy to filter out dead files by simply demanding at least one complete source. But remember this might as well filter out a few working files as emule only waits a second or so for results and some answers taking longer are simply discarded. This option is not available on Kad Network, as searches on Kademlia take very long compared to ed2k.

The availability row shows you how many positive responses were recieved. The more the better. The complete sources row als indikates the chances for downloading a file. If this is 0% you probably have pretty bad luck on that file and it might be dead. Just keep in mind that this search is not 100% accurate and by trying again later you might get completely different results.

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