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[edit] General Information

Nature, Science Documentary hosted by Maurice LaMarche and published by Discovery Channel in 2007 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Faces-of-Earth-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Faces of Earth is a 4-hour high-definition television series about the ever-changing planet we live on. The only thing constant on Earth is change and Faces of Earth examines this phenomenon through the eyes of those that know it best - geoscientists. Explosive volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods and even human beings contribute to the constant changes on the Earth's surface.

Explore how through time the forces of nature have continuously remade Earth - giving it many distinct faces through history, and many new ones into the future. Faces of Earth is shot in stunning high-definition with extensive aerials, cutting edge animations, and engaging interviews. Discover the compelling story of how the world's titanic forces play a key role in just about every aspect of life. Geoscientists note that by understanding Earth's constantly shifting surface, we can prepare for changes such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods to perhaps make adjustments for what lies ahead. Watch as Faces of Earth peels back the layers of Earth's geologic system to uncover a world of mystery.

Uncover the deep mysteries of our planet with top geologists in Faces Of Earth. Using state-of-the-art computer animation and stunning photography, these four in-depth, compelling programs explore how these forces shape the Earth and how, in turn, the Earth has shaped human evolution.

[edit] Building the Planet

Prepare to witness the explosion that formed planet Earth, and travel back in time to explore the evolution of the Earth we know today. See new technologies that allow today's geoscientists to strip back the layers of Earth and learn how Earth's processes produce the materials and resources that mark the cornerstone of modern society

[edit] Shaping the Planet

Compelling special effects and advanced animation techniques take you inside tectonic events. Earthquakes rumble, volcanoes explode and land is stretched pushing up mountains and creating new oceans. Travel around the world with geoscientists who use new high-tech tools to study why the ground constantly shifts under our feet.

[edit] Assembling America

Guided by leading geoscientists with the aid of dramatic special effects and animations, unravel the mysteries of continent-building and the almost unimaginable span of geologic time. Using high-tech science tools and even ultra-light aircraft, travel with geoscientists as they discover America's prominent geologic features and how they were formed.

[edit] A Human World

See how geologic and climatic changes have shaped human development and sparked human migration around the globe as ice ages retreated and advanced. Earth has shaped human evolution and now humans are shaping Earth. But it is a mistake to think human innovations have put mankind and Earth on an equal footing. Find out if this delicate balance will one day be put off-track.

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[edit] Technical Specs

  • Approximate due to multi-part

Format: Matroska
File size: 2.19 GiB
Duration: 44 mins
Video Format: AVC
Video Format profile: High@L4.1
Video Format settings, CABAC: Yes
Video Codec ID: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
Video Bit rate: 6,475 Kbps
Video Nominal bit rate: 6,611 Kbps
Video Width: 1,280 pixels
Video Height: 720 pixels
Video Display aspect ratio: 16:9
Video Frame rate: 23.976 fps
Video Resolution: 8 bits
Video Colorimetry: 4:2:0
Video Scan type: Progressive
Video Bits/(Pixel*Frame): 0.293
iAudio Format: DTS
Audio Format/Info: Digital Theater Systems
Audio Codec ID: A_DTS
Audio Bit rate mode: Constant
Audio Bit rate: 384 Kbps
Audio Channel(s): 2 channels
Audio Channel positions: Front: L R
Audio Sampling rate: 48.0 KHz
Audio Resolution: 16 bits
Language: English
Encoder: Encoded by HDBRiSe

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