Field Marshal Paulus: Casualty of Stalingrad and the GDR

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[edit] General Information

Biography, War Documentary hosted by Gunther Schoss, published by MDR in 2011 - German narration

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Image: Field-Marshal-Paulus-Casualty-of-Stalingrad-and-the-GDR-Cover.jpg

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-- On the 60th anniversary of the death of Friedrich Paulus. Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus was regarded as Hitler's beacon of hope, but led his 6th Army into the most devastating defeat of the entire Second World War: the Battle of Stalingrad. Under his supreme command, the city on the Volga becomes a mass grave, and the failure becomes the great turning point of the war. He survived and was taken prisoner of war by the Soviets. Since then, the death of 200,000 German soldiers has been forever associated with his name. How does Paulus deal with this trauma, who is the person behind the catastrophe? At the Nuremberg war crimes trials, he did not sit in the dock, but appeared as a witness. After ten years as a prisoner of war, he moved to the GDR in 1953 – six months after Stalin's death. He was courted in the GDR and lived undisturbed in Dresden. Why did Friedrich Paulus move to the GDR of all places? Why is the former Wehrmacht general, who was instrumental in planning the invasion of the Soviet Union, given a luxurious villa complete with staff and a Western car by the GDR leadership? What role did Ulbricht see for Friedrich Paulus? But above all: How lived a man who is partly responsible for the deaths of so many soldiers? To this day, many of the reasons behind his actions are disputed. Written and Directed by Peter Pippig and Christian Schulz ; Saxonia Entertainment GmbH Production for MDR

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