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Culture Documentary hosted by Keith Floyd, published by BBC in 1987 - English narration

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Alors, petits gastronauts! Floyd is here with the best in French cuisine (and a drop of something to wash it down). Join the 'shy and retiring' cook extraordinaire Keith Floyd in the BBC batmobile as he winds his way through six of the great gastronomic and panoramic regions of France -- and a few of its lesser known mouthwatering kitchens. Keith Floyd, passionate cook, returns to France, the country where he learned to savour the pleasures of good eating and drinking, a guide to provincial French cooking with Floyd's favorite rustic dishes from the beautiful French countryside. Enjoy savory homestyle meals like Daube a la Provencale and cherished desserts like Gateau basque accentuated by Floyd's humorous commentary. With a number of recipes — a highly personal selection of some of the favourite dishes that have delighted him over the years — Floyd on France, his BBC 2 series, reflects the rich variety of cooking as it is enjoyed in the cafes and restaurants and at the family tables of provincial France from Brittany to Provence and from Burgundy to Languedoc. This truly delicious experience includes roasting a sizzling free-range chicken with whole cloves of aromatic garlic amidst the glorious odours and colours of magical Provence; rustling up a delectable wild mushroom omelette with the despotic Madame Moulin in perfectly preserved Perigord, 'the birthplace of a man'; drinking your way through the bountiful ancient vineyards and cellars of the 'golden coast' of Burgundy as well as savouring the other enticing areas of Alsace, the Pays Basque and Brittany. The classic flavours of French country cooking — the slow-simmering stews, the succulent roasts, the creamy sauces, the melting flans and fragrant bouquets of freshly gathered herbs — are lovingly celebrated and recreated in this vastly entertaining and informative guide with all the sunshine colours, the panache and the poetry of a Gauguin or a Van Gogh. Produced and Directed by David Pritchard ; BBC South & West Plymouth Production

[edit] Provence

In the first programme in the series celebrating the great gastronomic regions of France, 'shy and retiring' cook Keith Floyd returns to the rich landscape of Provence where he discovered his passion for good food and cooking.
There globetrotting chef has breakfast with a man who makes nearly all his own food, and goes to a market to pick up the ingredients for fish soup, followed by chicken in garlic.

[edit] Perigord

Keith Floyd continues his gastronomic ramble with a visit to Perigord, one of the most beautiful and historically rich areas of France, famous for its truffles, geese and walnuts. The chef searches for the best French food, including Perigord salad with walnut oil and chicken stewed with fresh-water crayfish.
The landscape is unspoilt, dotted with tiny farms and fairy-tale castles, and the Dordogne river provides an abundance of freshwater delicacies.

[edit] Burgundy

Keith Floyd visits Gevrey-Chambertin and Dijon in Burgundy. Globetrotting gastronaut samples the best of French cuisine, including veal with Dijon mustard, coq au vin and ham with wine sauce. From a barge on the River Saone he cooks veal with Dijon mustard and talks to Jean Michel La Fond about the wine of the area.
He then travels to Gevrey-Chambertin where he cooks a meal of coq au vin for the grape pickers on the first day of the harvest, and has a wine tasting with the owner Rene Leclerc. In Dijon, he cooks ham with a wine sauce and fish for some of the top chefs of the area.

[edit] Alsace

'Shy and sensitive' gastronaut Keith Floyd makes a daring balloon crossing over the Vosges mountains to the vale of Munster, famous for its strong-smelling cheese.
In neighbouring Colmar he discovers the Gallic delights of choucroute and liver dumplings, pheasant cooked for the cheese makers with cabbage leaves and chicken in beer, and takes a balloon trip over the mountains to the Munster valley.

[edit] Pays Basque

Keith Floyd visits the Pays Basque region of France, where he cooks chicken with Bayonne ham, pigeon stew and a very unusual soup.
On the eastern coast of France close to the Spanish border lies this fiercely independent region, famous for its spicy and peppery food. Ace gastronaut and bon viveur Keith Floyd , celebrates the classic dishes of the Basque country and cooks a rich and warming soup on a riverbank while fishermen net elvers in the evening light. He also attempts to make the most famous of all Basque dishes, a piperade, with unexpected results.

[edit] Brittany

Keith Floyd visits Brittany, where he visits a soup factory, and watches crepes being made. He cooks chicken roasted with cider and a Breton apple flan.
Famous for its fruits de mer, fish soups and crepes, Brittany has long been a favourite region for gastronaut Keith Floyd. But while Brittany and Cornwall share a common heritage, it is the French who have really got their act together and devour almost everything that comes from the sea. Floyd cooks a roast of monkfish and one of the most famous of all Breton dishes, a kig hafarz, surprisingly based on beef, flour and vegetables.

[edit] A Farewell to France

Keith Floyd retraces his steps in all the regions from his tour, reminding people of the main ingredients of each region.
In Provence he visits the restaurant of Andre Guige where a wide selection of Provencal food is displayed. He tries two local wines, Cote de Ventou and Gigondas, in the Provence area with wine experts. He goes back to the Perigord region where he cooks a soup with haricot beans and toasted goat's cheese served with a walnut salad. Finally, he travels to Morlaix in Brittany and talks to Patrick Jefroid on how he cooks on hot stones.

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