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History Documentary hosted by Edward Asner and Michael Weiss, published by Discovery Channel in 2000 - English narration

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Whether escaping from a prison or evading an enemy, individuals have shown extraordinary courage and inventiveness during their bids for freedom. "Great Escapes and Prison Breaks" details a number of prison breaks and escapes against the odds, including the mass breakout of Allied airmen from Stalag Luft III, immortalized in the movie The Great Escape.

[edit] Chain Gang Breakout

Robert Burns was a shell-shocked World War I veteran arrested for a petty robbery in Geogia. As part of his punishment, he served on a chain gang. However he made an incredible escape, dodging bullets and bloodhounds, before embarking on an arduous and fraught ridden journey to Chicago, where he strted a new life.
For seven years, Burns lived in peace - until his vengeful wife betrayed him to the authorities, "Chain Gang Breakout" reveals how Burns soon found himself back in irons and, incedibly, made a second successful escape! While on the run, he embarked on a one-man crusade to expose the atrocities of chain-gang punishment. He wrote a bestselling book and helped Warner Brother produce a movie about his experiences.
From his original arrest to his final capture and the drama that followed, this is the fascinating odyssey of a man who didn't just run from the law - he changed it!

[edit] Breakout from Alcatraz

This is the inside story of the most famous prison break in American history. On a barren rock in the middle of San Francisco Bay stands America's most infamous prison. Long decommissioned, Alcatraz is now a popular tourist destination, welcoming people hungry for a glimpse of what life was like for the "worst of the worst" in the American penal system. Among the felons that once called Alcatraz home, three stand out--Frank Morris and the brothers John and Clarence Anglin. In June of 1962, they accomplished what everyone assumed was impossible, a BREAKOUT FROM ALCATRAZ. Drawing on contemporary accounts of the escape and interviews with FBI agents, former prisoners and wardens at "The Rock," this fascinating film details how the three men planned and executed their escape and explores the many questions that are still unanswered.
How did they hide their preparations from the wardens for over a year? Did they complete their escape or did Alcatraz's final, best defense--the waters of the Bay--claim them? And, if they did survive, how is it possible they have avoided detection by the FBI and U.S. Marshals for four decades? BREAKOUT FROM ALCATRAZ is a fascinating, far-ranging look at the most famous prison escape in American history

[edit] Papillon: The True Story

Trapped, but determined to escape to freedom. Convicted murderer Henri Charriere prepares to attempt the impossible: escape from the notorious Devil's Island. Below him await the deadly currents and the killer sharks that have so far repelled all of his previous escape attempts. Crucial to his daring escape is precise timing and that time has arrived! Better known by his alias Papillon, the French word for 'butterfly', this is the incredible true story of Henri Charriere's nine-year quest to fly from his cage in 'hell'.
With a combination of archival footage, dramatic reconstruction and expert commentary, 'Papillon - The True Story' is an incredible tale of courage, hope and an unrelenting determination to achieve freedom that will enthrall the viewer right from the start.

[edit] Great Escapes of World War II Pt 1

The History Channel series which explores the path to victory during World War 2, with stories of unsung heroes, inspirational leaders and daring escapes.
No walls could hold them, no punishment could scare them and no enemy could stop them, In this unforgettable programme former POWs, soldiers and guards tell the incredible story of their thrilling escapes. From daring breakouts of POWs to life risking accounts of the French Resistance, this programme tells the real life stories of World War II.
Series is telling amazing stories of escape from World War Two. The first part, 'The Great Escape', looks at the true story behind the breakout from Stalag Luft III - the dramatic events made famous in the film.

[edit] Great Escapes of World War II Pt 2

For the soldiers of World War II there was nothing more terrifying than falling into the clutches of the enemy. However, the instinct for freedom triggered some of the most compelling dramas of the War. Using rare archive footage and interviews with survivors we bring to life these daring escapes from Nazi-occupied territory and POW camps.
'Escape from Arizona' follows the story of a daring mission by a group of Nazi officers held captive in Arizona. It was the largest POW escape in the United States where twelve German officers and thirteen submariners cut loose from Papago Park Prison in Arizona. Episode uses archive footage and interviews with former POWs, and is accompanied by a complete look at the courageous resistance movements throughout occupied Europe.

[edit] Escape Stories: Behind Enemy Lines

Man's desire to escape imprisonment is overwhelming and this fascinating episode features some of arguably the most daring escapes known to man! The incentive for these men and women to break out was simple - they were all faced with either a lifetime in captivity or certain death and when faced with the reality of their situation they risked everything to regain their liberty. Inocent or guilty they all dispalyed exceptional ingenuity, cunning and endurance to beat the system. Here, in "Escape Stories", they tell their amazing tales of bravery.
Tales of narrow escapes during wartime. Included: Iceal "Gene" Hambleton, whose jet was shot down in Vietnam. Also: a World War I escape from German troops. BEHIND ENEMY LINES * Bat 21 Bravo * The Double Agent * Box Brown * The Great Train Escape * The Edith Cavell Story

[edit] Escape Stories: Great Escapers

Man's desire to escape imprisonment is overwhelming and this fascinating episode features some of arguably the most daring escapes ever known. Innocent or guilty they all displayed exceptional ingenuity, cunning and endurance to beat the system. Here, in 'Escape Stories', they tell their amazing tales of bravery.
Included: the story behind the 1978 movie "Midnight Express"; a Cold War spy's breakout from an English jail; a woman who fled Iran with her 7-year-old daughter; ABC News correspondent Charles Glass' escape from Lebanese captors in Beirut. GREAT ESCAPERS * Midnight Express * Not Without My Daughter * Over The Wall * The Missing Link

[edit] Escape Stories: Home Run

These are the compelling stories of fighting men who, against all the odds, made dramatic escapes from captivity during World War II. Whichever side they fought for, one thing united them: the dream of rejoining their brothers of arms and taking the fight back to the enemy. These escapers displayed extraordinary cunning and fearlesness, they pushed both themselves and their luck to the limit in order to break out and make the home run back to their own countries.
Great escapes during World War II include a breakout from a Japanese POW camp in the Philippines and an escape from Nazi Stalag Luft III by Allied forces. Also: a Luftwaffe pilot who fled a British POW camp. HOME RUN * The Great Escape * Forth Down * The One That Got Away * Escape from Colditz

[edit] Escape Stories: On the Run

To be on the run is one of man's primeval fears: to survive the chase is one of his greatest triumphs. These escape stories feature men who found themselves up against the overwhelming odds of the manhunt: to survive in the hostile surroundings they needed courage, nerve and sheer endurance. Innocent or guilty, these men have become folk heroes through their escape stories. This compelling episode features some of history's greatest ever escapes.
Segments include a British commando who escaped from war-torn Iraq; the 70th birthday of Ronald Biggs, one of the participants in the "Great Train Robbery." Also: legendary skyjacker D.B. Cooper. ON THE RUN * Who Dares Wins * The Portland Hijacker * Papillon * The Great Train Robber

[edit] Escape Stories: Triumph Over Tyranny

The twentieth century has endured some of the most tyrannical regimes of all time, to escape from them families risked everything to reach freedom and stay together. These are the stories of incredible bravery in the face of crushing oppression, of daring and ingenuity against overwhelming odds. These are true stories of those who triumphed over tyranny.
Cold War-era escapes include two from East to West Germany in a which a couple drove a sports car under the border barriers and a family who hid in a butcher's truck. Also: a Cuban pilot who fled in a MiG fighter jet and returned two years later for his family. TRIUMPH OVER TYRANNY * One Hundred minutes to Freedom * The Berlin Wall * The Sewers of Lvov

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