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History Documentary published by History Channel in 2003 - English narration

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In the summer of 1940, history hung in the balance. Hitler's armies had conquered Poland, Norway, Holland and Belgium in quick succession. Next, the Nazi blitzkrieg overwhelmed France and the British Army were forced to retreat from Dunkirk.

Now Adolf Hitler stood, just as Napoleon had stood, more than one hundred years before and looked across the English Channel to the one fighting obstacle that stood between him and world domination: a tiny island. Great Britain. The preliminaries were over. It was time for the main event.

It´s a chilling picture � and throws up one of the most intriguing questions of our time. What would the Nazis have done if they had conquered Britain? And how would the British have reacted? Would they have been brave and resisted their tyranny, as thousands did in Occupied Europe? Or would we have quietly towed the line for fear of the terrible consequences for our families?

Hitler�s Britain is the story of what the Nazis planned to do to Britain after they invaded in 1941. It will also tell for the first time on television, the remarkable story of the British Resistance movement. This two part series shows in the most vivid way possible the horrifying reality of what would have happened to Britain if it had become an outpost of Hitler�s odious 1000-year Reich.

In telling this story, Hitler�s Britain shows fascinating archive including a stunning German propaganda film called `The Invasion of England´ shot in Belgium in 1940. It also includes film showing Britain´s `stay behind´ soldiers being trained to cut throats and throw sticky bombs. Our cameras will explore Churchill�s secret wartime citadel near Bath, join Resistance fighters as they uncover their underground bunkers and penetrate the warren of tunnels in Wiltshire from where Churchill planned his last ditch effort to resist Hitler.

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  • File Name ........... : History.Channel.Hitlers.Britain.1of2.The.Nazi.Occupation.of.Britain.XviD.mp3.HPAD.avi
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  • Video Codec ....... : XviD MPEG-4 codec
  • Video Bitrate ...... : 1359 KB/s
  • Resolution .......... : 480 x 360
  • Aspect Ratio ....... : 1.33:1
  • Quality Factor ..... : 0.262 B/px
  • Audio Codec ....... : MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3)
  • Audio Bitrate ...... : 128 KB/s
  • Channels ............ : 2 Ch
  • Sampling Rate .... : 44100 Hz
  • Ripped by ........... : Unknown TV capper; Posted to Usenet, copy found at HPAD DC++ hub.
  • Technical Notes :
  • The original file was a .mpeg SVCD file. Quality was not the best, so I decided to clean it up and encode to Xvid avi format. Encoded with GordianKnot, using deinterlace and light noise filters, XviD codec. The resulting file is much cleaner than the original, and 200 MB smaller.
  • This rip is very unique, hope you will enjoy it.

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