Hitlers Last Secrets

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War Documentary hosted by Geoffrey Bateman, published by France TV in 2016 - English narration

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Image: Hitlers-Last-Secrets-Cover.jpg

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On November 25, 1945, a French officer got his hands on unique documents in the bunker of the Reich Chancellery. These elements make it possible to shed some light on the circumstances of the death of Adolf Hitler and his companion, Eva Braun. Hour by hour, this documentary retraces the gestures and words of the Fuhrer, before he took his own life during the afternoon of April 30. Just days before his suicide on April 30, 1945, Hitler was holed up in a bunker in Berlin with Eva Braun and his inner circle. Wavering between despair and rage, the Fuhrer lived his final moments haunted by the treachery of some and the cowardice of others. In this end-of-an-era atmosphere, his twilight – played out behind closed doors – has long been bathing in shadow. Historians thought they had consulted all the existing, accessible archives. Thanks, however, to Commandant Raymond Rose (a French officer, now deceased) and a French collector, new archives, both private and political, have been revealed for the first time. These unique documents give us detailed analysis of the final days of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. They deliver an embedded perspective of the sinister countdown: hour by hour, day by day, this documentary will tell us everything the Fuhrer said, wrote, and thought before he shot himself in the head that fateful afternoon of April 30, 1945. These documents are letters, telegrams (between Hitler and Goering), and transcriptions of conversations inside the bunker. They shed new light on the final throes of the Nazi death machine. Adolf Hitler's last days deep in the bunker of the Berlin Reich Chancellery have been the subject of countless books and films and the subject of some wild speculations. The documentary by Emmanuel Amara meticulously reconstructs the dramatic events of the last weeks of the war in 1945 and answers interesting questions. How was Hitler's health really at this point? Was he already so mentally impaired that he actually still believed in the "final victory" or was his perseverance in the Berlin bunker the last, insane expression of his obsession? What happened to his body and why are rumors about Hitler's alleged escape so persistent? And how did the last hours in the life of Joseph and Magda Goebbels' family go? The documentary draws on the countless reports and stories about Hitler's end in the bunker and selected experts to get to the bottom of the events of those weeks. Written and Directed by Emmanuel Amara ; Adamis Production in Participation with France Televisions and the support of the CNC

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