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[edit] GSpot

  1. Get GSpot
  2. Make a folder called Gspot and unzip the rar file in to it, no need to install.
  3. Open it and make sure that Add Gspot Send To is checked in Options > Settings.
  4. Then create a plain text file in the Gspot folder with the following info:
\r\n[i]Video Codec:[/i] %VIDEO_CODEC_NAME%
\r\n[i]Video Bitrate:[/i] %VIDEO_BITRATE% kbps
\r\n[i]Video Resolution:[/i] %VIDEO_SIZE_X%x%VIDEO_SIZE_Y%
\r\n[i]Video Aspect Ratio:[/i] %VIDEO_DAR%:1
\r\n[i]Frames Per Second:[/i] %VIDEO_FRAMES_PER_SEC%
\r\n[i]Audio Codec:[/i] %AUDIO_CODEC%
\r\n[i]Audio Streams:[/i]  %AUDIO_CHANNEL_COUNT%
\r\n[i]Audio Languages:[/i] fill in manually
\r\n[i]RunTime Per Part:[/i] %VIDEO_DURATION%
\r\n[i]Number Of Parts:[/i] fill in manually
\r\n[i]Part Size:[/i] %FILE_SIZE% Bytes
\r\n[i]Ripped by:[/i] fill in manually

This is your template to be used again and again.

Open the Gspot program and select:

  1. Options > Export and mark: Enable Exporting.
  2. Then under Format, choose Custom, Use the file below
  3. Find the template you made.

Under Output Files mark Allow Overwrite and One file per Avi (auto name & location)

Go back up and press the Enable Default button. Then simply press OK.

Now you should be able to get Gspot info on your video by simply right clicking on the video file, Send To > Gspot. A txt file containing the technical specs will be created in the same folder as the video.

The output file should look something like this:

[i]Video Codec:[/i] DivX 5.2.1 (WaffleDay)
[i]Video Bitrate:[/i] 1460 kbps
[i]Video Resolution:[/i] 704x384
[i]Video Aspect Ratio:[/i] 1.833:1
[i]Frames Per Second:[/i] 25.000
[i]Audio Codec:[/i] 0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3
[i]Audio Bitrate:[/i] 192kb/s CBR 48000 Hz
[i]Audio Streams:[/i]  2
[i]Audio Languages:[/i] fill in manually
[i]RunTime Per Part:[/i] 59:03.000
[i]Number Of Parts:[/i] fill in manually
[i]Part Size:[/i] 736,102,400 Bytes
[i]Ripped by:[/i] fill in manually

The details for the sections which say "fill in manually" should be added after you have got the specs from the video file.

[edit] abcAVI

Get ABCavi Tag Editor
and use the following template:

*Video Codec: $(fcccodec)
*Video Bitrate: $(kbpsvideo) kbps
*Video Resolution: $(height)x$(width) (height x width)
*Video Aspect Ratio: $(frame_proportion) (1:$(aspect_ratio))
*Audio Codec: $(codecaudio)
*Audio BitRate: $(kbpsaudio) kbps
*Audio Streams: $(audiostreams)
*Audio Languages: English
*RunTime Per Part: $(msz_length) ($(frames) Frames)

To load this template into abcAVI go to the Export Tab and enter the text above into the Export Template Body.
After you copied the specs into your clipboard and pasted it into the right field, you only need to insert the right values for

  • Audio Languages,
  • Number of Parts,
  • Subtitles and
  • Ripped by
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